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Monday 08 November 2010

"It Gets Better" - Kevin Hague

Posted in: Features
By Jacqui Stanford - 31st October 2010

Gay Green MP Kevin Hague has thrown his support behind the global "It's Get Better" campaign, making a video to tell GLBT youth that although things may be tough now, life gets better.

"Kia ora my name is Kevin Hague and I am a gay man and a Member of Parliament for the Green Party", the video begins. "I want to talk today to those of you who are gay or lesbian or transgender or bisexual, or think you might be any of these things. In particular to young people."

Hague recalls being a teenager and realising he was different from his friends, saying it took a long time to acknowledge to himself that he was gay, and even longer to tell other people about it."

"Fitting in and seeming like everyone else can seem like it's really important, especially when you're young. And certainly I remember for me actually that was important. So when I was exposed all the time to feeling isolated, scared and depressed, sometimes desperate about anti-gay bullying and abuse that I was exposed to. But also the jokes and anti-gay culture that was around me in the boys school that I attended, it left me feeling pretty bad.

"But you know, that's a long time ago now. And nowadays I'm a happy, kind of well-adjusted adult gay man and I have a great life."

Hague says he has been with his partner for over 25 years, has an adult son and interesting career.

"So part of my message to you is, even though things might seem bad at the moment, it gets better."

Watch the full video below

Have you made an It Gets Better video? Send us the link!

Jacqui Stanford - 31st October 2010

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