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Monday 08 November 2010

 It Gets Better - even with HIV
Posted in: Blogger Zone, HIV, Features  4th November 2010
I’ve wondered if there would be any point to doing something similar but about living with HIV. Because, as shitty as it is to have this virus in us - and it is - it does get better over time.

 I’m Still Standing…
Posted in: Blogger Zone  19th October 2010
In his battle against HIV, blogger Michael Stevens treats every birthday - even his 49th - as a victory.

 The Real L Word
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Features  2nd October 2010
"Of course am totally hooked as it is the epitome of cringe making reality tv, and being lesbians by the time they film next year everyone will have broken up and moved one bed to the left."

 Dating Dilemma
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Features  16th September 2010
As she delved into the online dating world, Un-PC Lesbian found that her diverse lifestyle and tastes meant she had to create three different profiles looking for three different types of women!

 What Do You Do?
Posted in: Blogger Zone  12th September 2010
"A good friend posted this up on her facebook wall yesterday, and I’m still laughing. In the space of 4.49 it encapsulates all the is true of lesbian dating and relationships."

 Bob Katter’s Deathly Embrace and the Aus Liberals
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Politics and Religion  8th September 2010
"There seems to be pessimism about the long-term survival prospects of the Gillard administration in the current electoral context. It’s difficult to see why that should be the case."

 I Love You Adam
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Music  8th September 2010
The news Adam Lambert is performing in Auckland has left giant fan Un-PC Lesbian swooning – she’s put together a rundown of some of her favourite Glambert moments to celebrate.

 Market Research
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Features  5th September 2010
"So over the last few days I have been forcing myself to look at men and seeing if I can find anyone or anything attractive in them."

 Civic Responsibility, Gay Men and the Blood Donor Ban
Posted in: HIV, Blogger Zone  5th September 2010
Watching the coverage of the Christchurch earthquake has led Craig Young to call for the evidential basis for gay men's continuing blanket exclusion from blood donation to be challenged.

 Can we talk?
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Features  4th September 2010
Michael Stevens is concerned about that state of gay men's mental health - and he's speaking out honestly about his own experiences, because he thinks something needs to be done.

 A Little Bit of History
Posted in: Blogger Zone, True Stories  20th August 2010
Un-PC Lesbian writes about questioning her sexuality at a time when it was "lesbian or straight, nothing in between", and her experimentation with a "gender-free" image.

 A Brief Guide to the Australian Christian Right
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Politics and Religion  11th August 2010
As the Federal election looms, our politics and religion commentator Craig Young offers a guide to the Australia's Christian right groups who are opposing gay marriage at every turn.

 And the runner-up is ...
Posted in: Performance, Events, Blogger Zone  9th August 2010
"I am still trying to remember just what I said on stage, but I’m pretty sure I was for world peace," writes blogger and Mr Urge Leather 2010 runner-up Michael Stevens.

 Fording a bridge
Posted in: Blogger Zone  28th July 2010
Craig Young has scrutinised the recent High Court decision which may have opened up the Adoption Act 1955 to include straight de facto couples.

 Till Death Us Do Part
Posted in: Blogger Zone  27th July 2010
Un-PC lesbian has never been one to shy away from the tough topics - and now our bold blogger is bravely delving into the endlessly joked about lesbian dating phenomenon: U-Haul Syndrome.