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  • Say goodbye to C4 and hello to FOUR

    Say goodbye to C4 and hello to FOUR

    MediaWorks TV channel C4 is to be re-launched as a mainstream entertainment channel known as FOUR. The channel is to adjust its target audience to 18-49 year olds (currently 15-39) and become broader in its appeal, with programming which attracts a wider, and more ...0 comments

  • Blooper: S-Bomb on The Morning Show

  • Video: Identical ads

    Video: Identical ads

    I was listening to an American radio station over the weekend and heard a jingle for Safelite that sounded rather familiar. So I did some research and discovered that it is not only the jingle that Safelite and Smith & Smith have in common. Their TV commercials match each other shot for ...4 comments

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