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Grassroots Labour

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Tatsuhiko Koyama

Duopoly in New Zealand food business

Started by Tatsuhiko Koyama 10 hours ago.

Clare Curran

Red Alert Labour MPs Blog 6 Replies

Started by Clare Curran. Last reply by Patrick Anderson 1 day ago.

Tatsuhiko Koyama

Exemplary conduct in a traffic accident

Started by Tatsuhiko Koyama Oct 27.

Tatsuhiko Koyama

Imprisonment for cartels is mooted

Started by Tatsuhiko Koyama Oct 27.

Tatsuhiko Koyama

Judicial privilege?

Started by Tatsuhiko Koyama Oct 26.

Tatsuhiko Koyama

The Hobbit Amendment Act

Started by Tatsuhiko Koyama Oct 26.

Tatsuhiko Koyama

Sure, I will watch them on TV, Movie…

Started by Tatsuhiko Koyama Oct 25.




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Welcome to Grassroots Labour - a place to discuss issues, organise events and network with supporters from around the country.

Just a quick reminder before you dive in: comments and posts here are generally public and can be read by anyone - that's the kind of party we are! ;)

The site is yours though... please feel free to upload photos, videos, start discussions and diary events. If you've got any questions or comments we'd love to hear from you.

Latest Activity

Tatsuhiko Koyama added 2 discussions
10 hours ago
A forum for discussing issues in Taranaki from a Labour perspective.
Charles Chauvel A few weeks back I sat down with Finlay from Talk Talk (on TVNZ 7) & caught up with Shona Laing. You can watch that show tomorrow night www.
Why revive this thread John?
Its importanr that we win the next election. So lets startt ttomget things moving .We need to add to the succesfull conference. We have thousands of unemployed .let get among them now. It important we show a young party lets make more use of our you…
Charles Chauvel By the way, well done to all those who submitted films for the NOSCARS & congratulations to the winners.
Charles Chauvel Despite the Government's continued lack of vision, seeing the new Wellington City Council take their oaths & the NOSCARS have been highlight
Tatsuhiko Koyama added 2 discussions
on Wednesday
Charles Chauvel Nick Smith obviously feels that products like Surf & Sunlight are safe for children without any protective packaging. I'd rather not gamble
on Wednesday
Charles Chauvel e-day is fast approaching – time to recycle electronic devices that are taking up space in your shed – find out more here
on Wednesday
Tatsuhiko Koyama added 2 discussions
on Tuesday
Pacific Sector Council is a nation wide network, representative of diverse Pacific peoples in the Labour Party.
on Tuesday
Uniting the Labour Supporters with Pacific Heritage!
on Tuesday
Charles Chauvel What's your view? Why not submit a sumbission on WCC's draft Carbon Management Policy:
on Tuesday
Charles Chauvel - Please donate (or volunteer) as part of this year's Blind Week Appeal
on Tuesday
Tatsuhiko Koyama added 4 discussions
on Monday
Further to above I add the below evidence I presented to a debate on as to whether the debt based monetary system is physically sustainable? by Iain Parker | 25 Oct 10, 11:37am New I would like to address the 0I would like to address…
on Sunday
We must become the change we want to see in the world. Mohandas Gandhi
on Sunday
Well, I guess, things can be changed, and always have been. I don't know how many people think that things are in a right direction. I suppose, more people think things are not in a right direction, more likely that things will change. Isn't it grea…
on Sunday


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