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Carers NZ's website has been revamped and relaunched!  We hope you like our colourful new site, made possible with help from the Ministry of Social Development, ACC, the Ministry of Health, and private sponsors.  The site has heaps of new content, including information adapted from the Government's recently launched print Guide for Carers!  We would love to receive your feedback and ideas to improve the site. 


Human Rights Review Tribunal

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Recently the Human Rights Tribunal found that a Ministry of Health policy not to pay family members to provide ongoing support to their disabled children was discriminatory on the grounds of family status, and therefore contravened human rights legislation. The decision comes at the end of a long running case taken by a group of parents and their disabled adult family members. The decision in their favour has been welcomed by disability rights activists and organisations representing carers' interests. And they're not happy the Government's lodged an appeal to the High Court.  National Radio's One in Five programme interviewed Carers NZ's spokesperson Roger Palairet, Diversity consultant Philip Patston, and DPA president Wendy Neilson. Click here to listen to the full interview exploring the significance of the Tribunal's decision ... and the implications of the Government's appeal, which Carers NZ and the NZ Carers Alliance believe is short-sighted (click here to read their press release about the issue).  Roger Palairet also prepared a commentary paper developed for the Carers Alliance about the Tribunal's decision, leading to a decision to launch the We Care! awareness campaign later in the year; click here to download this paper.

Listen to representatives of the carer movement (including John Forman, Chair, NZ Carers Alliance), being interviewed on Radio NZ's Summer Report programme urging the Government not to appeal the Human Rights Tribunal decision.

This case is currently being heard at the High Court in Auckland and is expected to conclude on Friday 25th September. Well keep you informed of the outcomes.



Guide for Carers

A Guide for Carers

New booklet produced with Ministry of Social Development

Discover what government supports and services are available to carers in one handy booklet.

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Download the DLE flyer (as a PDF) in English, Maori, Samoan, Tongan, Cook Island Maori, and Niuean languages.

Family care Magazine

Family Care magazine

Family Care magazine is produced every three months. Packed with inspiring stories and advice, this wonderful resource can be delivered free to your home.

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