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Heather Roy's Diary »

PAYE Refunds: The Right Of The Over-taxed

Restoring Students’ Freedom »

ACT New Zealand MP Heather Roy has today urged the National Party to support her Education (Freedom of Association) Bill – also known as the Voluntary Student Membership Bill – which has been tabled i

Minister Pays Tribute To Principal Jill Weidenbohm »

So who’s REALLY ambitious for New Zealand? »

In today’s Herald, the Prime Minister says he will not work with ACT’s Sir Roger Douglas. Why not? It’s because Mr Key knows he’s nowhere near as ambitious for New Zealand as Sir Roger is.

Changing Faces Of New Zealand Parenting »

Hon Heather Roy speech to Parent Centres New Zealand Inc National Parenting Forum; Te Papa, Cable St, Wellington; Saturday, September 18 2010.


Regulatory Responsibility Bill

Speech By Hon Rodney Hide
To Russell McVeagh

"There have been numerous attempts since the 1980s to make improvements to regulatory processes.

The problem is that politicians have poor incentives; they must get re-elected, and the political cycle is short.

Politicians are vulnerable to interest group pressure, and at times invite that pressure by pandering to various interest groups in search of votes. It's unfortunate, but it's a fact of life in a democracy."

Read The Full Speech »

Conference Speech - Rodney

Speech By Hon Rodney Hide
ACT Conference 2010

"When politicians mention the word promise it usually generates a good chuckle. And fair enough. For the simple reason that political promises are easily made and easily broken.

Today I want to take you through promises made and promises kept. ACT promises. New Zealand is now enjoying stable centre-right government. That’s something we haven’t had since the start of MMP. And you can put that down to ACT. It’s a promise ACT made. It’s a promise ACT has kept."

Read Rodney's Speech »

Inter-Party Working Group Report

Step Change
Success The Only Option

Inter-Party Working Group Report On School Choice

The Group consisted of MPs from the National, ACT and Maori Parties and has spent the past year reviewing the current education system here in New Zealand and best practice overseas. That work culminated in two reports 'Step Change: Success The Only Option', which is supported by all Group members; and 'Free To Learn', ACT's minority view on that report."

Read The Step Change Report »
Read The Free To Learn Report »

About ACT

National/ACT Agreement

"I see National and ACT's Confidence and Supply Agreement as a victory for democracy.

A week ago New Zealand voted for a Centre-Right government and today, with this historic agreement, we have one.

All our discussions this week indicate we have the basis for a long and fruitful relationship based on mutual respect.

This isn't an agreement cobbled together out of self-interest, but one developed through our shared vision to create a better and brighter future."

View The Agreement »
View The Amendment »
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Our MPs

Rodney Hide is the ACT Leader and MP for Epsom. Rodney is the Minister of Local Government and Regulatory Reform and the Associate Minister of Education.

John Boscawen is ACT's Deputy Leader. John is the Minister of Consumer Affairs and Associate Minister of Commerce.

Our other MPs are former Finance Minister Sir Roger Douglas and Heather Roy.

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Our Policies

At the 2008 election, ACT produced a 20 Point Plan to turn New Zealand around and help us catch up to Australia over the coming years.

The plan covers a wide range of issues from Government Expenditure and Taxation to Law And Order and Climate Change and there are also detailed policy documents available for each point of the plan.

The Confidence And Supply Agreement between ACT and National covers many of the points in the plan and ACT will also work to towards improved policy in the other areas over the next three years.

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