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Tony Ryall

24 August, 2010

State Sector Amendment Bill introduced

The State Sector Management Bill has been introduced to the House of Representatives. The Bill is an omnibus Bill providing for machinery of government changes across several agencies.

This Bill provides for the amalgamation of:

  • The Foundation for Research Science and Technology, and the Ministry of Research Science and Technology, into a new Ministry of Science and Innovation

  • and the National Library and Archives New Zealand into the Department of Internal Affairs

"The purpose of these amalgamations is to improve services within existing baselines, reduce cost in the short to medium term, and future-proof the long term delivery of government services," said State Services Minister Tony Ryall.

"The Ministry of Science and Innovation amalgamation will enable a more coherent, coordinated system of government support for research and development and innovation.  It will also provide a more stable platform to retain critical skills and maintain services at the required level in a tight financial environment. "

The Bill will enable the Minister to establish one or more boards to make independent decisions on proposals for the allocation of specified funding for research, science and technology.

"The amalgamation of Archives and the National Library into Internal Affairs recognises the increasing role technology will play in enabling government to discharge its responsibilities to manage information efficiently and effectively and enable New Zealanders to access information in ways that suit them.  It will also provide opportunities for use of common capability, economies of scale, and better public access," Tony Ryall said.

The legislation preserves the statutory roles of the National Librarian, Chief Librarian of the Alexander Turnbull Library and the Chief Archivist. It maintains the statutory role of the Library and Information Advisory Commission, the Archives Council and the Guardians/Kaitiaki of the Alexander Turnbull Library. It also continues the Alexander Turnbull Library, and the functions of the Chief Librarian of the Alexander Turnbull Library.

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