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Little pieces of a big picture | Sep 05, 2010 17:33

Russell Brown's Hard News

As one does, we flipped on Radio New Zealand National yesterday morning -- to hear Simon Morton signing off from Kashmir. Why, I wondered, is Simon in India? And why does he sound so freaked out? It took a minute to grasp that he was in fact in Cashmere and...

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The shakes | Sep 04, 2010 08:34

Jolisa Gracewood is too far from home

Three hours ago, I was just about to hit "publish" on a frivolous blog post when the lateral fault under Christchurch groaned into life, rendering everything else a bit beside the point. I am hoping that PA's South Island correspondents will chime in once they've made sure everyone is in...

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Sintax | Sep 02, 2010 11:52

Damian Christie - Cracker With Attitude

It's been a wee while, and by way of apology I will be giving away some frankly excellent kiwi music t-shirts below, so keep reading. Actually it's not by way of apology at all, I've been meaning to give these t-shirts away for a few weeks, and the only reason...

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No Smoke | Sep 02, 2010 11:47

Emma Hart is all sweary again.

It was the new Sherlock that first made me think about it. It was pretty clear that a modernised Holmes wasn't going to be using cocaine, and okay the nicotine patches replaced the pipe quite nicely, but what about the total lack of Peruvian Speed Bump? It became another typical...

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So. I'm off Te Radar again | Sep 01, 2010 19:47

Graham Reid's many things

Even though some may prefer to presume otherwise: I don't know Te Radar. Yes, he and I have met briefly on social occasions in the company of mutually reprehensible friends, but I have always been uncomfortable with that notion that because you might have a "name" or media presence –...

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Shambeerla at Beervana | Aug 31, 2010 12:01

Hadyn Green IS Bullet Surprise

There are worse ways to spend your Saturday than drinking beer with friends. A few hundred friends. And to also have the chance to talk to the people who made the beer you're drinking is pretty cool too. It's like walking through an art gallery with the artists. My beertinery...

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The Truth About Talkback | Aug 27, 2010 08:55

David Haywood from Christchurch

When I look back, I realize that my university career ended -- or, at least, began to end -- with a party. I hadn't wanted to go, of course. But the Dean of Science, Gavin Ramsay, persuaded me that it would be good for my research. "Everyone needs a break...

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John Roughan is Scared | Aug 17, 2010 10:13

GUEST: Patrick Reynolds thinks Auckland could be good, even

How has this usually confident and cocksure commentator got himself into such a flap? (See: Tunnel vision threatens Super City, NZ Herald, July 31.) What 'monster' is keeping him awake at night? Is he fretting about global warming, about how we should be looking for opportunities in the...

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Absent Members | Aug 08, 2010 23:14

Graeme Edgeler learns the lesson of history

The Civil List Act doesn't get much press. But the laughable $10 fine per sitting day it imposes for AWOL MPs has some calling for change. Newspapers editors. Political journalists. Bloggers. Even the Speaker. Unlike just about everyone else, it's...

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This Is Not My Dan Carter | Jul 28, 2010 18:01

Fiona Rae from the couch

You can say a lot of things about TVNZ – and people do – but you can't say they've been mean to local drama lately. Go Girls always gets a big push, and they are promoting the crap out of This Is Not My Life, especially the Charles...

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A Message from the National Party | Jul 19, 2010 00:02

Keith Ng [ominous tone]:

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No Fretful Sleeper | Jul 02, 2010 09:31

GUEST: Paul Millar on Bill Pearson

In November 2004 Bill Pearson's trenchant essay 'Fretful Sleepers' was posted on Public Address as part of Russell's Great New Zealand Argument series. As I was then researching Pearson's life for my biography No Fretful Sleeper: A Life of Bill Pearson, I wrote a brief preface to the...

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That's my cab | Jun 11, 2010 08:04

David Slack is busy.

The front page of the New Zealand Herald this morning honours the memory of George Bernard Shaw. Unable, it seems, to discriminate between a bicycle accident and the collapse of civilisation, it offers us a long, loving description of Chris Carter's pink shopping bike and many photos of Shane Jones'...

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