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History Group Seminar, Wed 1 September

'New Zealand Women in the Vietnam War’ by Ian McGibbon

New Zealand’s involvement in the Vietnam War was dominated by its contribution to the so-called Free World Military Forces. But there were others who took part in a civilian capacity, as members of the New Zealand Surgical Team, Red Cross teams or as members of various church and other humanitarian assistance groups. Among these non-military personnel were a number of women who made a name for themselves by their efforts in support of the South Vietnamese people --- as doctors and nurses in particular. Others served as diplomats, nuns or war correspondents.

The first New Zealander to become a casualty of the Viet Cong was a woman, and two were captured and held by enemy forces for several weeks, something that never happened to any of our military personnel; a New Zealand woman was the last New Zealander to leave the country before it fell to the invading North Vietnamese. This talk will look at the experiences of some of these women.

Date and time: Wednesday 1 September at 12.15pm. Venue: Te Wharenui meeting room, ground floor, Radio NZ House, 155 The Terrace.

Please forward this invitation to any interested colleagues or print out the attached flyer for public noticeboards.

Lyn Belt
History Group, Ministry for Culture & Heritage
Radio NZ House, Level 5, 155 The Terrace
PO Box 5364, Wellington

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