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The Professional Historians' Association of New Zealand/Aotearoa (PHANZA) is an incorporated society set up in 1994 to represent professional historians, both within and outside academic institutions. Professional historians undertake research, evaluate and assess information, gather and write material for publication, present reports, and produce displays and exhibitions. They are aware of a vast array of archival material and its location and are skilled in historical techniques such as oral evidence collection, statistical analysis, and historical interpretation based on their wider historical learning.

PHANZA members work on behalf of individuals and for all types of organisations including government departments, statutory authorities, historical societies, heritage groups, universities, museums, research organisations, Maori land claimants, libraries and private firms. PHANZA works to ensure that the professional skills of members are available for the benefit of clients and the community, in the interest of extending historical knowledge.

Membership is open to those with a research-based degree in History or a related discipline, or to those who have demonstrated substantial historical research experience, and/or publications.