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Good Practice Funding

This website helps government agencies to improve processes when funding community, voluntary or Maori organisations. Each section has a 'related resources' area featuring case-studies, useful links and further reading. We welcome suggestions of additional resources.

Funding Relationships

Relationships built on mutual understanding, respect and clear expectations help government funders and community agencies/non-government organisations (NGOs) to achieve good results from funding.

Funding Options

Funding agreements enable parties to agree their expectations of each other. Choosing a suitable type of agreement means considering all options including contracts, grants and letters of agreement, and founding these on respectful relationships.

Managing Risk

Risk is part of all funding, whether you are the funder or being funded. Being well-equipped to understand and manage risk is essential. This section looks at how to assess and manage risk.

Monitoring and Evaluation

How well are we doing and how well did we do? Knowing whether you got what you thought you were going to get is important. Knowing how well you are using government funds is essential.

Learning from experience builds our capacity to make better decisions in the future.