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The Department’s Annual Report outlines our progress in improving labour market outcomes for the benefit of all New Zealanders, migrants, temporary workers and the economy.

The effects of the global economic downturn on the labour market have been significant. During the past year, economic activity has fallen and this has resulted in higher levels of unemployment. This operating environment poses many challenges, and positive labour market outcomes are critical to support New Zealand’s economic recovery.

The Department has responded to these challenges by:

  • managing the volume and mix of migrants to New Zealand
  • adjusting its regulatory and policy settings for employment
  • supporting improved workplace practices and productivity
  • better matching skills to industry needs
  • providing more responsive workplace health and safety regulation
  • supporting industry to prepare for future economic growth
  • improving settlement services for refugees and migrants.

In order to support New Zealand’s economic recovery, our 2008/09 work programme has been balanced to provide what was required to protect jobs for New Zealanders, limit recessionary impacts on the labour market, and build the skills and workplace conditions that will increase productivity. The Department also continued to deliver ongoing immigration services to tourists, international students and other migrants that enhance New Zealand’s economy.

Read the Annual Report online