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Labour Market Reports

The Department of Labour produces a range of reports which focus on labour market statistics and trends in New Zealand. These reports can be catergorised into two main groups:

Statistical Labour Market Reports

These reports present and analyse the latest labour market statistics.

Employment and Unemployment

Analyses the latest quarter’s release of the Household Labour Force Survey - the official source of employment and unemployment data.

Labour Market Update

Examines the latest developments in the labour market.

Labour Market Outlook

Provides an outlook for key labour market variables.

Leading Indicator of Employment (LIoE)

Predicts likely turning points in employment.

Regional Labour Market Overview

Provides an overview of labour market performance throughout New Zealand's regions

External Migration Factsheet

Examines trends in permanent and long-term (PLT) migration using data collected by Statistics New Zealand from arrival and departure cards.

Economic Growth

Examines the latest Gross Domestic Product (GDP) figures and their implications for the labour market, including labour productivity growth.

Wage Growth

Examines wage growth measures for the latest quarter from the Labour Cost Index and Quarterly Employment Survey.

New Zealand Income Survey

The New Zealand Income Survey (NZIS) factsheet provides information on income statistics for people and households. The NZIS is run annually by Statistics New Zealand as a supplement to the Household Labour Force Survey during the June quarter of each year.

Productivity Statistics

Examines the latest official productivity statistics for New Zealand.

Analytical Labour Market Reports

These labour market reports apply particularly detailed analysis and interpretation to a range of labour market topics. These topics include:

  • The National Monitoring Series – this is a biennial release which looks at components of the labour market. The first report produced was focussed on Youth in the New Zealand Labour Market.
    We have completed a detailed analysis of Maori labour outcomes covering the period 2004-2009. The report was published in December 2009, and called Maori in the New Zealand labour market
  • .
  • Investigation reports – this is an ad hoc issue driven set of labour market analysis. The first example of this work is the Knowledge Economy reporting. This has been followed by a report analysing current trends in the Construction Industry.
  • Annual In-Depth Regional Reports – These reports were produced in 2007 and 2008 covering the whole labour market and Youth respectively. While these reports are not being produced again until 2012 (they were based primarily on sub-regional Population Census data), they remain valuable baseline information on regions and Territorial Authorities.

You can download a printer friendly PDF copy of any report from the Download section on the right hand menu.

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You can find all previous reports in the archive.