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Labour Market Analysis Tools

The Department of Labour maintains a set of labour market analysis "tools" that provide data at an occupational and industry level. These tools are interactive and enable the user to select a particular industry, occupation or region and “drill down” to compare labour market information with other sectors, regions or the national average. There are currently five labour market analysis tools:

The Sector Tool pilot

The Sector Tool pilot is an interactive labour market analysis tool which allows you to select and view key labour market facts about an industry or group of industries in terms of many variables, including employment and firm counts, labour productivity, hours worked, GDP output, and worker turnover rate. The tool contains DoL industry-level forecasts, and a section on the vulnerability of workers to long-term unemployment. Following the pilot stage, future versions of the tool will incorporate feedback from users and provide up-to-date data that will include the Department's own Employment Estimates for industries.

Regional Industry Tool

The Regional Industry Tool is an interactive labour market analysis tool which allows you to select and view key facts about selected regions or industry in terms of the number of employees. Various measures are presented in the tool to analyse features of a regional labour market and industry presence across regions.

Key Information Tool (KIT)

The Key Information Tool (KIT) gives users headline labour market information from a range of sources in a single, easy to access place. The tool also includes links to labour market reports on the DoL website so that people can easily access related analytical work. The combination of these various sources produces a well-rounded picture of the state of the New Zealand labour market.

Tu Mai Iwi Tool

The Tu Mai Iwi Tool provides a customised profile of iwi labour market indicators that allows for comparison between about 100 individual iwi, Maori and the general New Zealand population.

Jobs and Tertiary Education Indicator

The Jobs and Tertiary Education Indicator is an interactive tool which allows you to explore key facts about the fields of study, occupations, and industries of New Zealanders. The information is derived from the census.

SkillsInsight Tool (SIT)

The SkillsInsight Tool (SIT) has been designed to provide quantitative evidence about the supply of, and demand for, labour in New Zealand. In addition to supply and demand indicators, the tool displays demographic characteristics and industry compositions for all ninety-six 3-digit occupation groups.

An example of how these tools can be applied can be found in this case study.

If you cannot open the tools on-line please contact the Department of Labour at and request a CD of this data. Please remember to include a postal address.