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SkillsInsight represents a collection of tools and reports that strive to provide clear and concise occupational labour market information from both official and non-governmental sources. These tools and reports include skills information for detailed occupation groups to provide accurate, up-to-date data on skills supply and demand.


SkillsInsight Tool (SIT)

The SIT has been designed to provide quantitative evidence about the supply of, and demand for, labour in New Zealand. In addition to supply and demand indicators, the tool displays demographic characteristics and industry compositions for all ninety-six 3-digit occupation groups. SkillsInsight Tool (SIT);


Report on Engineers in the New Zealand Labour Market

The report on Engineers in the New Zealand Labour Market presents for the first time a collection of labour market information and other data sources on engineering occupations. The Department of Labour worked closely with the Institution for Professional Engineers of New Zealand (IPENZ) and the Association of Consulting Engineers New Zealand (ACENZ) to investigate the supply of and demand for engineers.

Skills in the Labour Market Outlook

Skills in the Labour Market Outlook gives a current overview of skills in the labour market. It summarises trends in the demand and supply of skills. This report is released bi-annually to monitor movements in the matching of skills, and the present and future supply and demand into semi-detailed occupations.

Skills Snapshots

Sector Employment and Skills Snapshots

As a supplement to our labour market tools, sector employment and skills snapshots are being developed that provide a quick overview of current trends and prospects for a number of industries. Currently 17 reports have been developed for the Accommodation, Arts and Recreation Services, Cafes and Restaurants, Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing, Construction, Education, Electricity, Gas, Water and Waste Services, Finance and Insurance, The Government Administration and Defence, Health, Community Services, Manufacturing, Information, Media and Telecommunications, Metal and Mineral Mining and Manufacturing, Mining Gas and Oil Extraction, Property and Business Services, Retail Trade and Wholesale Trade sectors, Transport, Postal and Warehousing

Labour Market Forecasting Narratives

The Department presents the following four forecast narratives and an overview document as part of the SkillsInsight tool.

The overview document provides information such as the forecasting methodology, assumptions and general caveats. Users are advised to take note of these prior to making decisions based on the forecasts.

The four forecast narratives are projections of employment for the medium term (4 years to 2013) and the longer term (9 years to 2018). The forecast narratives indicate the challenges the labour market is likely to face in the future such as the type of skills likely to be in demand, the type of qualifications the workforce will have and the impact of retirement patterns on the future labour market. The narratives will be updated bi-annually.

These reports are developed from the Department’s SkillsInsight tool which is available for download from our website.