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New Zealand thriving through people and work

The long-term Departmental Outcome the Department of Labour aims to achieve though its work is to:

  • Grow New Zealand’s economy and improve the quality of lives through a high performing labour market and immigration system.

Over the next three to five years, the Department is aiming to achieve the following Intermediate Outcomes:

In order to achieve these outcomes, the Department’s activities include:

  • Managing migration flows and border security
  • Providing migrant and refugee (re) settlement services
  • Providing employment relations services
  • Making workplaces safe and health
  • Improving job opportunities and workforce skills
  • Providing labour market analysis and advice
  • Meeting New Zealand’s international labour and immigration obligations
  • Making the accident compensation system more effective

The Department of Labour also has Organisation Development Goals, aimed at creating value for New Zealand, through:

  • Being knowledgeable, influential and collaborative experts on labour and immigration
  • Being a facilitative, responsive and effective regulator providing high quality and innovative services
  • Having our people, working environment and shared culture support excellent performance
  • Being a highly capable Department with integrated systems, processes and policies