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The Big 6 covers six areas employers have told us they would like further assistance with: health and safety, hiring new employees, pay, holidays and leave, performance management and ending employment relationships. The Big 6 contains checklists of the main things employers need to know and links to further information.

What you need to know about:

Health and Safety

A safe and healthy work environment is essential. Not only will it help avoid tragic and costly accidents, but good health and safety practices encourage staff retention. It also positively contributes to improved productivity, efficiency and profit.

Available in HTML, [PDF 12 pages, 877KB]


Finding and retaining the right people is vital to every business. Recruiting can be expensive so it makes good business sense to get the people that are right for your enterprise, and keep them.

Available in HTML, [PDF 16 pages, 939KB]


Everyone expects a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work. Ensuring that your employees receive the right pay creates good morale, increased efficiency and helps you avoid damaging employment relationship problems.

Available in HTML, [PDF 8 pages, 868KB]

Holidays and Leave

Employees having R&R and spending time with their families is vital to your business. It’s also important to know how to assist employees who are sick or suffer a bereavement.

Available in HTML, [PDF 20 pages, 977KB]

Performance Management

People work better when they have clear targets and perform to agreed standards. That’s why it’s critical for your employees to know what is expected of them. Managing their performance in a fair and clearly defined way also helps avoid problems later.

Available in HTML, [PDF 16 pages, 1,165KB]

Ending Employment Relationships

If the time comes to end the relationship, it’s important to understand and implement the correct procedures. It’s the best way to avoid any costly mistakes which can also damage the reputation of your company.

Available in HTML, [PDF 24 pages, 1,248KB]