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Immigration Act 2009

Immigration Bill Passes

The Immigration Bill received Royal Assent on 16 November 2009, becoming the Immigration Act 2009.

NOTE: The provisions of the Immigration Act 2009 are not yet in force. The majority of the provisions will come into effect on 29 November 2010. Until then the provisions of the Immigration Act 1987 apply.

A short summary of the key changes that will be introduced by the Act is provided below, along with fact sheets containing more details about specific areas of change.

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In April 2006 the Government announced the most comprehensive review of immigration legislation in 20 years.  A discussion paper was released for public consultation and nearly 4000 submissions from individuals and organisations were received.

A package of proposals for new immigration legislation was agreed by Cabinet following the public consultation.  A summary of the decisions is available via a link on this page.  An Immigration Bill to replace the existing Act was tabled in the House on 8 August 2007.  The Bill was referred to the Transport and Industrial Relations Committee for its consideration.  The Committee undertook further public consultation in 2007 and 2008 and reported on the Bill to Parliament.  A number of changes were recommended by the Committee.

Public consultation phase – 2006

Public consultation documents:

Summary of submissions:

Cabinet decisions for the Immigration Bill – 2006

Early decisions on classified information and review of Part 4A – 2007

Decisions to support introduction of the Immigration Bill – 2007

Transport and Industrial Relations Select Committee phase – 2007-2008

Immigration and Protection Tribunal – 2008

Regulatory impact statements