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Registered Forklift Trainers

Please Note: It is the individual trainer that is registered (not the company) in accordance with the Forklift ACOP
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Since May 2007 the registration of forklift trainers was devolved to Competenz see their website for an updated list of trainers.

Surname First name Company Region Registration number Expiry date
Ahuriri Leighton P Roulston Safety Driving School Ltd Napier 327 21-Sep-09
Aldridge Mike Eastern Equities Corp. Ltd Hastings 311 22-Nov-07
Barlow Philip James Cartman Training Ltd Tauranga 332 12-Jan-10
Batt William M Batt Training & Development Invercargill 230 2-Nov-08
Bedard Andre D National Forklift Training Auckland 326 25-Sep-09
Bird Ron D Waterfront Training & Consultancy Services (South Pacific) Ltd Auckland 049 11-Oct-07
Birch Robert Malcolm Alliance Group Ltd (Lorneville Plant) Invercargill 259 28-May-10
Bridgeman Keith Master Drive Services Ltd Wellington 300 16-May-07
Chalmers Peter G Grow Protech Gore 287 06-Apr-08
Christie Dean National Forklift Training Auckland 051 16-Aug-07
Clark Kevin J Defensive Forklift Training Ltd Auckland 041 22-Mar-09
Colvin Geoffrey T Alliance Group, Mataura Plant Southland 252 9-Dec-08
Colvin Lester A Heinz Wattie's Ltd Hastings 178 12-Jun-09
Cosgrove Peter MFC ChCh Ltd / AB Equipment Christchurch 215 21-Sep-07
Coulter Ian Master Drive Services Ltd Auckland 302 30-Mar-07
Dittmer Adrian A Specialized Forklift Training Palmerston North 033 23-Oct-09
Flowers Michael Mainland Commercial Driver Training Ltd Christchurch 317 09-Feb-08
Foster Peter A Master Drive Services Ltd Dunedin 290 26-Oct-08
Gledhill Chris Gough Institute of Training Palmerston North 305 22-Jul-07
Graham Brendon Master Drive Services Ltd Palmerston North 281 27-Sep-08
Gray Errol Truckmaster Driver Services Ltd Whangarei 306 11-Aug-07
Hadley Bill Worktrain Ltd Tauranga 047 5-Dec-08
Harris Ray Tulloch Transport Dunedin 314 27-Oct-07
Hedges Alan L Mainland Driving School Ltd Christchurch 006 7-Apr-07
Heenan Mark Industry Driver Training Ltd Whakatane 301 28-Apr-07
Higgins John Hi-Quip Training Nelson 100 5-Oct-07
Hobson Dieter Foodstuffs South Island Ltd Dunedin 336 22-Aug-10
Ihei-Kiripa Quintin John Crown Equipment Ltd Auckland 309 16-Sep-07
Irvine Neville R Bay of Plenty Polytechnic Tauranga 324 6-Dec-08
Irwin Ken William Deca Training Auckland 308 1-Sep-07
Jones Graeme Kinleith Driver Training Tokoroa 066 22-Nov-07
Kench Donald Winton Central Forklift Group Petone 304 29-Jun-07
Korewha Bob TOSHA Ltd New Plymouth 320 17-Jun-08
Laird James F Jim Laird Driver Training Ltd Masterton 293 23-Apr-10
Lane James Tranztech Nelson 334 13-Jun-10
Luxmoore Craig Master Drive Services Ltd New Plymouth 321 13-Oct-08
MacKenzie Brent Master Drive Services Ltd Invercargill 313 1-Oct-07
Maru Hone Future Driver Training Rotorua 337 19-Dec-10
Mawley Michael G Fruitpackers (HB) Group Ltd Hastings 322 14-Dec-08
McIntosh Barry Targeted Transport Training Ltd Dunedin 013 16-Aug-08
McMillan William Crown Equipment Ltd Auckland 319 21-Jun-08
Mokomoko Paul OSTC (2002) Ltd PNorth/Wgtn 229 18-May-08
Moore Kerry Master Drive Services Ltd Christchurch 280 20-Aug-07
Murray Fred OSTC (2002) Ltd Auckland 142 06-May-08
Myers Henry First Choice Forklift Training Ltd Auckland 237 9-Aug-07
Owen John INFAS Advisory Services Lower Hutt 082 15-Jul-07
Parker Robert Desmond Deca Training Auckland 135 31-Aug-07
Patuwai Sonny O Double 'R' Industrial Training Ltd Auckland 292 18-Jan-09
Poa Michael J Deca Training Auckland 276 30-Nov-07
Puru Kevin John Deca Training Auckland 288 24-Aug-07
Reihana Riki Superior Forklift Training Palmerston North 036 5-Sep-09
Remus John William Cartman Training Ltd Tauranga 296 10-Jan-10
Ridler Maurice Wayne FTC South NZ Ltd Christchurch 277 8-Sep-07
Richardson Darryn Specialized Forklift Training Palmerston North 333 7-Aug-10
Ritchie Kelvin RNZAF Woodbourne Blenheim 312 31-Aug-07
Robinson Keith Industrial Operator Training Palmerston North 315 17-Feb-08
Rosborough Neville Nevana Industrial Services Dunedin 157 13-Apr-08
Roulston Ernest W Roulston Safety Driving School Ltd Napier 144 20-Sep-09
Royal Laurie Tranzed Training Ltd Tauranga 307 27-Oct-07
Ruawhare Dorothy Barbara Double 'R' Industrial Training Ltd Auckland 328 12-Dec-09
Scoble Paul D Central Forklift Group Wellington/Hutt 286 16-Feb-09
Searle Peter OSTC (2002) Ltd Auckland 202 16-Mar-08
Simpson Andrew M RNZAF Woodbourne Blenheim 283 30-Aug-07
Simpson Wallace J Mainland Driving School Ltd Christchurch 330 13-Dec-09
Smith Trevor Motueka Driving School Motueka 010 8-Sep-07
Southwood Philip Crown Equipment Ltd Christchurch 213 17-Feb-08
Sullivan Roger Charles RML Training and Assessment Services Wellington 331 22-Feb-10
Tangye Anthony T Agoge Logistics Training Hamilton 329 28-Nov-09
Tapper Chris R RT Equipment Ltd South Auckland 172 12-Apr-10
Taylor Ian M Driver Training Services Tauranga 318 05-Mar-08
Thompson John Crown Equipment Ltd Auckland 040 4-Nov-07
Thrupp Garry K Master Drive Services Ltd Rotorua 325 11-Apr-09
Toki Galvin David Crown Equipment Ltd Auckland 310 23-Sep-07
Twomey Troy Jared Elite Training Services Ltd Papamoa 335 2-Aug-10
Uepa Cliff Double 'R' Industrial Training Ltd Auckland 323 19-Jan-09
Wade David T Double 'R' Industrial Training Ltd Auckland 168 17-Jan-09
Ward Marcus E Roulston Safety Driving School Ltd Napier 273 19-Sep-09
Wipiiti Kevin TOSHA Ltd New Plymouth 031 11-May-08
Young John Master Drive Services Ltd Nelson 015 10-Aug-07