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Holiday entitlements for Easter & ANZAC Day in 2010

What public holiday entitlements apply for Easter & ANZAC Day in 2010?

The public holidays over the Easter period are Good Friday and Easter Monday. Easter Sunday is NOT a public holiday.  This means that those employees who normally work on Sunday are not entitled to a paid day off, or time and a half  for the hours they work (unless this is provided for in their employment agreement). 

Easter Sunday (4 April) is also a restricted trading day, which means that some shops must close on this day.  Refer to our information on Employee entitlements for Easter Sunday for further details on how this affects employees.

ANZAC day (25 April) is observed on the day it falls.  This year ANZAC day falls on a Sunday.  This means that for those employees who normally work week days, there is no entitlement to the public holiday.  Unlike the Christmas and New Year public holidays, ANZAC Day is not "Monday-ised" if it falls on a weekend.

Employees who normally work Sundays are entitled to a paid day off on ANZAC Day.  If you work on ANZAC Day, you are entitled to time and a half for the hours you work and an alternative holiday (if Sunday would be otherwise a working day for you).

Restricted Trading Days
Note that ANZAC Day (till 1 pm), Good Friday and Easter Sunday are all restricted trading days. This means that most shops selling retail goods must close.  Certain shops may remain open.  For more information on which shops can open view our information on Shop Opening Hours.

View our website for more information on calculating entitlements.

Date Modified: Thursday, April 22, 2010

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