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Tertiary support & social groups


Out@AUT aims to provide a social and support group for all students who identify lesbian, gay, bi and transgender, and their friends.

UniQ Auckland
UniQ Auckland exists to foster and further the interests and well-being of all queer (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, takataapui and fa'afafine) students at the University of Auckland.

UniQ Massey Auckland 
UniQ Massey Auckland is currently looking to find members to start a group that will have regular meetings.

UniQ @ Unitec 
A social group to aid any queer students requiring support, and as a place to meet and socialise with other queer students on campus.


Askew - Waikato University 
A support/social group based at Waikato University for all queer students and their supporters. We have a weekly meeting during the university term time and other events during the year.

Palmerston North

Massey UniQ PN - Massey University 
A social and support group located at the Turitea campus of Massey University in Palmerston North. It is for all queer, queer-friendly and non-defining students (who just happen to like people of the same gender).


UniQ Victoria 
We are based at Victoria University of Wellington, and our role is to ensure that all queer students at Victoria are treated the same as everyone else.

UniQ at Massey Wellington 
UniQ at Massey Wellington (MAWSA UniQ) is a highly active social group for GLBT students and their friends at Massey Wellington.


UniQ Canterbury
A social and support group for past and present students and staff at the University of Canterbury.


UniQ Otago
For people who identify as queer on campus, this group is based in the OUSA Student Support Centre.

What we mean when we say queer

A reclaimed word that represents sexuality and gender diversity. We use it to encompass lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, fa'afafine, and takataapui identities, as well as everyone in between and not sure. This word is used by many people, but it is also appreciated that it is not the preferred term for everybody.

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