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Setting Up Groups

Why run a group like this?

Rainbow Youth hopes that the existence of a diversity group / queer youth support group in your school will help to create a society in which all young people feel cherished and supported. The goal of the group in your school should be to build a sense of community and acceptance of diversity within the school.

We recommend that your group has an educational focus regarding positive queer identity as well as affirming diversity of people in society, but that meetings also be fun and inclusive of all students. If you can facilitate team building exercises before each educational focus this will help create a cohesive, safe and welcoming environment.

We also know that these groups run best when they are joint efforts, and don't rely wholly on the energy and enthusiasm of a single staff member or student. Aligning the group with other school groups will help make it part of the school community.

Get help from Rainbow Youth

Rainbow Youth is here to support your school. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need facilitators, resources or other assistance.

Contact Rainbow Youth

Practical ideas for running a group

Your own creativity and knowledge of your students and the culture of your school should guide how you run these groups, but here are some starter ideas:

It's helpful to have a group name that is positive e.g. ShOUT, Diversity, Navigate, INknowVate, INclusive, Quest, Affirmation, Spectrum, Pride etc. It's a good idea for students to choose a name together as a group.

Get the students to working out a good time to meet, whether that's lunchtime or after school.

It is very important to have a space that is safe and accessible to everyone.

Work out a contract through discussion that describes how students will behave and treat each other in these groups.

More information

For more information contact the Post Primary Teachers Association and ask for a copy of the booklet 'Affirming Diversity of Sexualities in the School Community’.

What we mean when we say queer

A reclaimed word that represents sexuality and gender diversity. We use it to encompass lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, fa'afafine, and takataapui identities, as well as everyone in between and not sure. This word is used by many people, but it is also appreciated that it is not the preferred term for everybody.

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