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You, Me, Us

This project is for all of us in our (GLBTTFIAQQ) Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, Takataapui, Fa'Fafine, Intersex, Asexual, Queer and Questioning communities.

You, Me, Us - Our People, Our Relationships

We come from varied and diverse backgrounds and have a wealth of knowledge and experiences. Often we emulate relationships and behaviours that we experienced when we were growing up. Role models can be useful, but as a community we have some distinct factors that create different dynamics. Sometimes it is enough to accept and love ourselves but even this can be difficult when we work and live in a hetro-normative society.

In our community there are many different types of barriers to discussing relationship difficulties, i.e. we may have issues around positive disclosure, or our sexual orientation, we may be gender questioning, or may not be out. Know who you are and be who you are because at the end of the day we are all individuals and deserve to be in healthy and happy relationships.

You, Me, Us - Our People, Our Relationships is an initiative by OUTLINE NZ and Rainbow Youth with assistance and contribution from many fabulous members of our community. A booklet resource full of useful tips to creating healthy relationship, identifying unhealthy relationship and ways to get help and get out aswell.

Come by Rainbow Youth and OUTLINE offices to pick up a couple of copies and let us know of good venues to drop some off to.

Campaign material you can download and print off

Poster 1

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You Me Us Booklet

Other files

Another Closet

LGBT Wheel

What we mean when we say queer

A reclaimed word that represents sexuality and gender diversity. We use it to encompass lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, fa'afafine, and takataapui identities, as well as everyone in between and not sure. This word is used by many people, but it is also appreciated that it is not the preferred term for everybody.

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