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Rainbow Youth is an Auckland-based organisation that provides support, information, advocacy & education for queer young people & their families.

Tommy's View

Open for 2010

Tuesday, 05 January 2010

I was getting a nervous twitch (boredom) and strange rash (sun tan) from the hours of doing nothing.  So today I came back to to work.  It is daunting the first week of a new year.  People ask if you have any resolutions.  I blah on and on about the fact that I dont believe in them which is why I don't have one.

I enjoyed my break away from the office alot.  So much so I forgot how to work this morning and it took me at least 40 minutes to 'get into the groove' as Madonna would say.  But I am glad to say that I was happy to turn up at the office with no major dramas to address.  Rainbow Youth ended the year in a very civilised manner.

I was glad to see on the GayNZ website, pictures of quite a few of you out and about on New Years eve.  This time of year is great to be queer.  I can feel the excitement build up as we head into the queerier events of the calendar, Link Hui, Big Gay Out, OUR Fest, Pink Flight off to Mardi Gras in Sydney, Aroha Festival and did i mention my birthday....

So if you were one of the many people I had a chat to at the end of last year and I have forgotten to get back to you, send me an email, text or phone me.  I really did relax and not think of work the whole time I was away.  I don't want anyone to feel negelected, so let me know pronto what I have forgotten.....

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