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Movies that aren’t a Production.

Maybe you want to throw together a few video clips. Maybe you have more time and want to fine-tune every edit. Or maybe you just want to flip through clips the way you flip through album covers in iTunes. iMovie lets you do it all — then share it all.

Getting Started with iMovie Get to know iMovie


Import your video and organize it just like your photos.


Drag and drop to start. Precisely edit with ease.


Browse and view your video all in one place.

Add Details

Choose titles, transitions, and effects.


Make home movies look like Hollywood masterpieces.


Premiere your movie online with a click or burn a DVD.


Organize video like photos.

To organize, just import.

Plug in virtually any digital camcorder and iMovie starts importing your video. Then iMovie helps you organize your video just as you organize photos: by putting everything in one central location and grouping video clips according the date they were taken. So it’s easy to find the clips you’re looking for — whether to watch or to edit. Don’t have a camcorder? You can still use iMovie: It displays video you captured on your still camera and imported into iPhoto.

Import and organize video.

iMovie imports and organizes video by Event — just like photos.

Find out how to import and organize video

Rate it. Tag it. Filter it.

As your video library grows, you’ll need a fast way to find your favorite clips (and hide the ones you’re not thrilled with). With iMovie, you can label clips — or parts of clips — as “favorite” or “rejected,” tag video with preset or custom keywords, then filter your entire library by rating and/or keyword.

Will your camcorder work with iMovie?

iMovie '09 supports the most popular video formats like AVCHD and MPEG 4, and even the new iFrame video format. iFrame is designed to make importing and editing video fast and easy without taking up a lot of space on your hard drive. View a complete list of iMovie-supported camcorders and devices.

Edit fast. Edit precisely.

Edit Fast Edit Precicely

Drag, drop, and thank the academy.

Know how to drag files to your desktop? Then you know how to edit a movie in iMovie. Drag your favorite clips into the project area and arrange them as you wish. Drag in titles and transitions. Drag in photos. Drag in a song from iTunes to create your soundtrack. That’s drag-and-drop moviemaking, and iMovie makes it fast and easy.

iMovie gives you more ways to add clips to your project: Now you can replace or insert clips using a single pop-up menu. Or edit just your audio. As you work, you can drag and drop markers to help you remember specific points in your project or to have your clips snap to the beats of a song.

Fine-tune every edit.

When you have all your clips where you want them, fine-tune even the trickiest cuts and transitions with the Precision Editor. A magnified filmstrip view shows you exactly where one clip ends and the next begins, so you can skim each clip up close and identify precisely how much to keep and where to cut. Adjust the duration of transitions. Edit audio and video independently, so you can use the sound from one clip with the video from another. Reposition titles and effects.

Fine-tune every edit.

Use the Precision Editor to adjust cuts, titles, and transitions.

Find out how to use the Precision Editor

Edit audio, too.

In addition to its video editing features, iMovie gives you audio editing tools. Easily adjust audio levels for each clip to give your movie a consistent, comfortable volume. Use multiple audio tracks for music, sound effects — even a voiceover track you can record right in iMovie. Built-in noise reduction cuts down background noise and voice enhancement simulates a studio microphone to make your voice sound like professional announcer’s.

Enjoy a flick. (Or all of them.)

Easy to use and fun to explore.

You don’t have to edit a movie to enjoy your video. iMovie puts all your video in one place and gives you a quick, fun way to watch it. That’s handy whether you’re looking for a particular scene to edit or just want to peruse your favorite clips.

Enjoy a Flick

iMovie displays each clip as a filmstrip, so you can see everything at once. Interact with the filmstrip by moving your mouse over it. As you do, video appears in the preview window at the top of your screen. It’s a simple way to enjoy video — from the shortest clip to the longest scene.

Browse full screen.

Flip through your video library and play clips with the full-screen Library Browser.

See the Library Browser in action

Go full screen.

Sometimes you want to enjoy your video without any onscreen distractions. With full-screen browsing, you can flip through your entire video library using Cover Flow — the same way you flip through albums in iTunes. Toggle between Events and projects or browse individual clips from your library and play them full screen. Even the clip-skimming feature works in full-screen mode. When you roll over a filmstrip, you see the related clip full screen.

Add titles, transitions, oohs, and ahhs.

Add and edit real-time titles.

iMovie makes it easy to add all the elements of a great movie, starting with the opening credits. Preview 20 new titles (for a total of 32) in the Title Browser. Find one you like and drag it onto any video clip. Or, for a neat trick, drag a title where there isn’t any video. That opens a Preview Palette with animated backgrounds. Choose one and your title appears over it. Type over the placeholder text and you’re done. If you change your mind about a title style, drag in another. iMovie applies the new style instantly.

Choose cinema-quality transitions.

To keep your cuts interesting, choose from 20 transitions by skimming over them in the Preview Palette. One click picks the perfect transition and applies it instantly.

Apply some effects.

Maybe you want a particular clip to feel like a dream sequence. Or perhaps you’d prefer to give your movie a vintage look. Whatever your inspiration, iMovie has you covered with 19 video effects. Take a look at all the effects in the Preview Palette, then apply them to a single clip, multiple clips, or an entire project.

In addition to video effects displayed in the Preview Palette, iMovie includes picture-in-picture and green-screen effects you can apply using the Advanced Tools pop-up menu.

Add titles, transitions, and effects.

Choose the perfect titles and transitions and change the look of your movie with effects.

View gallery

Find out how to add titles and more

Enhance your movie Hollywood-style.

Enhance your movie

Steady shaky clips.

Don’t leave those perfect — if slightly wobbly — moments on the cutting-room floor. New video stabilization in iMovie analyzes how much your camera was moving, then automatically reduces shake. Stabilize on a clip-by-clip basis or analyze all your video (the latter may take a while, but it’s worth it). iMovie even identifies moments when the camera was excessively shaky and marks that footage with a squiggly red line, so you can hide it.

Pick a theme, any theme.

To make your movies look even more professional, add a dynamic theme. Choose a theme such as Bulletin Board, Filmstrip, or Comic Book and apply it to your project instantly. iMovie does the rest, adding animated titles and sophisticated transitions automatically. Your themed project plays right away. You don’t have to wait to see the results.

Themes Coverflow

Animate your travels.

Enhance your video travelogues with eye-catching, animated travel maps. Choose from four different 3D globe or flat map styles, select your location (or locations), and iMovie builds an animated map. If you want to change its look, drag another map on top of your current one to change the style without affecting your locations.

When it’s time to make final adjustments, iMovie puts color and audio controls in floating windows you can place anywhere on your screen. Use sliders to adjust exposure, brightness, contrast, saturation, and white point. Adjust audio levels for each clip to give your movie a consistent, comfortable volume. All your changes occur in real time, so you can be sure you’ve got everything just right.

Enhance your movie.

Give your movie the Hollywood treatment with video stabilization, themes, and maps.

View gallery

Find out how to enhance your movie

Share your movie with a click.

Share your movie

Premiere your movie on MobileMe.

Once you’ve finished your masterpiece, it’s time to share it. MobileMe — the Apple subscription service that keeps all your devices up to date, wherever you are — features an online Gallery.* With a few clicks, you can publish your movie to a MobileMe Gallery page where friends and family can view it, make comments, and download it. It’s easy to publish your movie in a variety of sizes. Even better than DVD quality, the big 960-by-540 format looks great online.

Be a YouTube sensation.

If you have a YouTube following, you can share your movies there. Just select YouTube from the Share menu.

Share your movie anywhere.

To watch your movie on the go, send it to iTunes and sync it with your iPod or iPhone. Or send your movie to Apple TV, then sit back and watch it on your widescreen TV.

Burning to share?

Of course, you can also burn your movie to a DVD. Choose iDVD from the Share menu and create a fully featured DVD — complete with customized menus and buttons — in iDVD. If you’ve added chapter markers to your movie in iMovie, they show up in iDVD, too.

Learn more about iDVD

Share your movie.

Create a MobileMe Gallery to showcase your movie or publish it to YouTube.

Find out how to share your movie

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