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I will now take part in our social media

March 29th, 2010 by Ashley Noel Hinton

I'm being very social

Just to let you know that there’s some more-frequently updated, less-rigorously edited Ashley Noel Hinton out there on the webs for you all. Firstly there’s my tumblr, Kull Kul Wahad!

And then there’s my revived twitter.

Friend me!

UPDATE: Also, Rachael has a twitter you should stalk her.

Living in the digital age

March 3rd, 2010 by Ashley Noel Hinton

Living in the digital age

I finally took the plunge and got Canadia aggregated a couple weeks back, simply because I realised that sometimes I wanted to browse the iTunes store on my iPod Touch and look at my own music. That is an important part of life.

And so it goes that Canadia now lives on iTunes. And on Amplifier and Digirama. It should be on the Vodafone Music Store soon, and it could already be on the Telecom Music Store (I don’t have a fancy XT phone to find out). Don’t say I don’t provide options!

The music is till available for however much or little you want to pay at Bandcamp, where you can also find Beg Steal and Burrow can still be had on good old faithful CD.


February 17th, 2010 by Ashley Noel Hinton

I had coffee with original rad dude James Gates yesterday, and he reminded me of a video clip we’d worked on back in 2008. A friend of a flatmate need to shoot incidental TV for Go Girls and figured he could get someone to do the work for free by also making a video clip. He was right, and I did it, with James helping out as director Marcus Palmer’s crew.

It was a pretty long day of shooting, and not particularly rewarding, and James and I laughed about it later. When I did eventually see the clip I didn’t like it at all, and kind of forgot about it.

Until yesterday when James told me he’d seen it online.

This is where things get fun, though. In the Related Videos section was a show reel from a YouTube user called theashleynoel (OMG same name!), an actress and host of a show that had Joey Lawrence on a judging panel. Best related video suggestion ever? A bald Joey Lawrence sure ranks up there.

I followed my namesake to her website, and from there to a website she runs called UNYTED! I have no idea what it does, but as I scrolled down the page I came across this amazing image:

Untitled Candace Cameron movie OMG!!!!!!!1

Can anyone say best day ever? Not only am I internected (patent pending) to Joey Russo and D.J. Tanner, but we all get a Candace Cameron movie! No more information yet, but I’ll be sure to follow this one up.

Paul is dead

February 10th, 2010 by Ashley Noel Hinton

The internet failed me today, or maybe I just didn’t look deeply enough, but I could not find a still or movie of the game over scene from Dune 1. And when you have an itch for a 1992 computer rendering of Kyle MacLachlan dead and becoming a skeleton, well, you’ve just got to scratch it.

I would like to thank the following trusty tools for making this 10 second video a reality:

  • DOSBox for letting me boot up Dune and do a video capture
  • Handbrake for letting me convert the video capture to a locally friendly format
  • iMovie for letting me make a small edit

It bugs me that everyone can’t just got and get iMovie, but it doesn’t bother me a lot because I already have it. Get a flash as Mac, dog!

Rocking the Whammy Bar with Voices on the Sun and Cool Rainbows

January 25th, 2010 by Ashley Noel Hinton

We have smiling faces, and we will be selling them to you at Whammy Bar on Thursday 4th February from 4pm. Come join us, Voices on the Sun and Cool Rainbows for a party-time gigsplosion.

Raised by were-rabbits, Canadia, Voices and the Sun and Cool Rainbows are as deadly as they are not dead. They’ve been shunning the sun and bathing in the sound of art critics complaining about the demise of culture to prepare for this night.

Lazerbeasts unite, it’s going to be a sweat night.

Doors at 10, the music asplodes at your face from 11pm. Bring $5 because that will get you in the door. Only your wits will get you out.

Facebook event for Canadia, Voices on the Sun, Cool Rainbows

Temple of the Dudes

January 21st, 2010 by Ashley Noel Hinton

Julian Temple Band

Tomorrow night Canadia is hitting the Juice Bar in Parnell to support the crap out of Dunedin dudes Julian Temple Band. A few of us have known these cats since they were the JuJu crew, and perhaps even before. They’re from Dunedin, which is where some of us used to be from. Sharing and caring around the country!

So you should be at the Juice Bar by about 9pm to catch Canadia’s first Parnell gig. Will we be run out of the suburb? I just don’t know! Juice Bar is in the Windsor Castle at 144 Parnell Road, Parnell. I think I might get there early and have a picnic dinner down in Fraser Park. Please do not stalk me in a scary way!

Down in the tunnels

December 10th, 2009 by Ashley Noel Hinton

Subterranes, Canadia and Allure City at Whammy

I happened across Subterranes making with a soundcheck down in the catacombs of St Kevins Arcade a while back, and suggested we play a gig. None of us ever make it out of the tunnels, so of course the gig is at Whammy Bar. Allure City have been coaxed back to the gigface to join us in raucity (it’s a word, I looked it up).

Song: ‘The Only Exception’

November 30th, 2009 by Ashley Noel Hinton

One of the rules for NaSoAlMo is that one of your songs can be a cover, as the Ramones had a cover on their first album (the gold standard for our purposes). So I opted to include a cover to finish the month off, my only exception, ‘The Only Exception’ by Paramore.

I’m majorly in love with Paramore’s brand new eyes. Just waiting for my one-of-5000 copies of the album on vinyl to arrive in the mail. They’re playing in Auckland next year. Sometimes things just work out.

And just like that NaSoAlMo is over. Kind of an Endless Sky clocked in at 32:51, meaning a win for me on the last day, and a bunch of tracks for you to listen to. The whole thing is up at Bandcamp to download for free. I’ve even worked out a track order.

‘The only exception’ [Bandcamp]

Song: ‘Not Some Number Eight’

November 27th, 2009 by Ashley Noel Hinton

I may be wrong, but the first time I ever heard my band Gestalt Switch on the Radio was when we were number seven of the Radio One Top 11. Sam and I were driving to band practice and it came on. Of course we pulled over and listened.

I don’t often talk about what my songs are about, but this song is definitely about that, way back in 2002. Good times.

‘Not some number eight’ [Bandcamp]

Song: ‘Put the Stars in Line’

November 27th, 2009 by Ashley Noel Hinton

A few times this month I deviated from the plan I’d made and started writing a song before working out where it fit in. This was one of those, and possibly doesn’t fit its intended topic at all. The good news is it’s exactly the kind of song I might have written at the time it’s supposed to be about, so yay.

‘Put the stars in line’ [Bancdcamp]