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Wednesday 14 April 2010

Can you spot Bray on Shortland Street this week?

Posted in: Television
By Matt Akersten - 19th January 2010

Nurse for a day: Bray Croft (centre) with Shorty St stars Faye Smythe & Fleur Saville

Talented 25-year-old Aucklander Bray Croft will appear on TV's Shortland Street this week after winning outrageous game show 'Straight Acting' in K' Road's gay Naval & Family pub. saw Bray battle through many hilarious tasks in various hard-fought rounds of the game show last April, showing off his creativity and acting talent - and earning himself many fans in the audience. As the grand prize winner he got the small Shortland Street role along with $1,000 worth of prizes fit for a budding star.

Nurse Bray makes himself at home in the Shorty clinic
"I filmed my scenes in October, a wee while ago now," Bray tells us today. "They film three months in advance usually, I would hate to imagine filming a summer beach or swimming scene at the end of winter," he laughs.

The crew gave him a few 'featured extra' roles in various scenes: "In my scenes I have a small conversation with Libby, get to ask something off Callum, and have a wander through the background," he explains.

"The experience was interesting, it's very laidback and casual, yet at the same time extremely efficient and planned. Everyone knew their places and where they had to be.I thought the space they use would have been bigger - when they're filming one scene in one set, they kinda fold everything else into other sets, you wouldn't guess it from watching the show, but the sets are all backed up on each other!"

The cast and crew were amazingly nice and friendly, Bray adds. "Peter, (who plays Callum) and Michael (who plays long-serving surgeon Chris Warner) were very interested in how I came to be on the show, and my aspirations and plans for furthering my acting career."


Play time: Bray as Steve in Pink Lighter
Bray's newfound confidence has recently led to acting roles in the theatre - including in brand new play Pink Lighter, premiering at Wellington's BATS Theatre during the NZ Fringe festival in March. The new production is the 'neighbours at war' story of two dysfunctional households and the pink lighter that leads to high drama.

Bray describes his Pink Lighter character Steve: "He's kind of like the bitch boy of the flat - the one who is pushed around, bullied. He works at Amazon and is stoned a lot. He's always referred to as being gay, but he swears he isn't! Steve's is simple, yet entertaining, and always has something to say, albeit something crass or immature most of the time." There's more details about the show on Facebook.

"I'd like to just thank everyone also who has pushed me and helped me along with all this," concludes Bray. "Without amazing support and friendship I don't think this would have been possible!"

Shortland Street plays weeknights at 7pm on TV2, and recent episodes are available to view 'on demand' via its official website.

UPDATE 21 Jan 2010: See Bray "going up" on the Shorty St clip below!

Matt Akersten - 19th January 2010

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