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Wednesday 14 April 2010

Three good reasons to watch Modern Family

Posted in: Television
By Matt Akersten - 29th January 2010


Committed gay couple Mitchell and Cameron have returned from Vietnam, where they picked up an awesome souvenir - a tiny baby called Lily.

Mitchell, Cameron and Lily are's three good reasons to watch Modern Family, TV3's new Sunday night US sitcom which also stars Married with Children 'Al Bundy' dad Ed O'Neill as a grandpappa with a sassy young new wife.

Modern Family: Mitchell & Cameron with Lily
The show is a pretty typical post-The Office style set-up, with characters doing little pieces to camera in amongst the handycam action. The pilot episode, which we saw last Sunday night (but it's still available to view free on TV3's website) was a particularly interesting to introduce the show's characters as you see the three different families' lives before they all come together as the same big whanau later on in the climatic - and hilarious - final scene.

Opposites attract? Gay new dad Cameron is a bit of a drama queen but his partner Mitchell seems quite down-to-earth. Both proud parents are worried over what people might think of the couple's decision to adopt, however. Meanwhile, Mitchell's dad struggles not to say or do the wrong thing lest he seem homophobic.

Cameron is portrayed by Jesse Tyler Fergusson, who is himself gay, and appreciates the chance to play a family man: "I think anytime you can portray any gay couple on television, especially in such a positive light, I think it's a wonderful thing. Especially given the social climate were in," he told gay US website

"Cameron is very effusive," he says of his character. "He kind of wears his heart on his sleeve. He is very exuberant. And he's very enthusiastic. He's excited that we've brought this new life into the world, and he's excited about being a dad. He wants to go big or not go at all."

We're reliably informed that Modern Family gets better and funnier as the first series goes along, and features several famous guest stars in upcoming episodes. A second series has now been confirmed, and those authoritative Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation watchdogs have nominated the show for a 'best comedy' gong - a sign that its LGBT characters are portrayed with accuracy and respect.

Judge for yourself. Take a look at the Modern Family preview clip below, and check out the first episode of the series here. The show is broadcast on TV3 each Sunday night from 8pm.

Matt Akersten - 29th January 2010

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