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Wednesday 14 April 2010

 Rob's a Postie Plus
Posted in: True Stories  19th November 2009
Have you seen this guy around Wellington? Meet Robert Arnold, who's up early each morning - rain, hail or shine - delivering your mail.

 "Who are these haters?"
Posted in: True Stories, Blogger Zone  6th November 2009
Kitten Power writes: "I woke up to a text message from my best friend which read 'In Palmerston North Hospital. Covered in blood after being gay bashed'."

 Life & Literature
Posted in: True Stories, Blogger Zone  23rd October 2009
"By reading I learnt what it was to be gay, gave me models for what to expect, how to dress, how to behave, styles of sex, all of that. Books gave me an education."

 'Thou Shalt Be My Lesbian Daughter'
Posted in: True Stories, Blogger Zone  14th October 2009
"I feared coming out to my dad for years. I decided he would hate me, cast me out, damn me to hell if I ever told him who I really was..."

 Simon's story: Surviving cancer
Posted in: True Stories  24th September 2009
"I'd never been so scared in my life. I remember being wheeled into the operating room and my whole body was shaking uncontrollably."

 Rachael's story: A minority within a minority
Posted in: True Stories  19th September 2009
A change in gender identity can mean a loss of sexual identity, even total invisibility. Racheal McGonigal explains.

 Max's story: A Transgender Inquiry
Posted in: True Stories  8th September 2009
"I find with younger people that, more and more, they're not wanting to identify as trans. They're more likely to call themselves genderqueer."

 Intolerance: The Wanganui Incident
Posted in: True Stories  13th August 2009
NZ’s most tragic gay scandal began in Wanganui and finished, for one man, when he was shot dead on the streets of Berlin. It destroyed the life of another.

 Jeff's story: Being gay in prison
Posted in: True Stories  25th July 2009
Jeff was in his early 20's when he was jailed for a year on assault charges. He shares his story about life behind bars.

 Kestin's story: T is for Testosterone
Posted in: True Stories  17th July 2009
"I remember knowing that I wasn't a girl when I was around five or so. Since being on Testosterone, I feel like I've come to life."

 Rachel's story: "My cancer struggle"
Posted in: True Stories  15th June 2009
Napier-born Rachel Deane's life changed forever when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in her early 30's. She shares her brave and moving story.

 Carmen's whirlwind Wellington visit
Posted in: True Stories  4th June 2009
A much-loved Kiwi icon now living in Sydney, Carmen Rupe visited her old stomping ground for an action-packed Queens Birthday weekend.

 Notes to our 16-year-old selves
Posted in: True Stories  11th May 2009
Stephen Fry's 'Dearest absurd child' letter to his 16-year-old self got our readers thinking about what they'd write to their younger selves.

 Break-ups: 14 ways to leave your lover
Posted in: True Stories  20th April 2009
Fourteen LGBT Kiwis open up about their most heart-wrenching break-ups. Get the tissues out, you may need them!

 "The first time I went to a gay bar"
Posted in: True Stories  22nd March 2009
Eight LGBT Kiwis remember the first time they ever ventured into a gay drinking hotspot.