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Wednesday 14 April 2010

Women's safe sex guide now online

Posted in: New Zealand Daily News, Safe Sex
By Daily News Staff - 16th October 2009

A comprehensive guide to sexual health for New Zealand's same-sex attracted women is now available online.

Keeping it Safe was originally published as a booklet by Family Planning in 2006, and was distributed to women's health centres around the country.

The guide aims to be useful for any woman who has sex with women, occasionally, regularly or is just thinking about it, says Family Planning.

It contains information about sex toys, health advice related to specific sexual acts, facts about the symptoms and treatment of sexually-transmitted infections, safer sex devices, cyber safety, cervical smears, fertility, menopause, homophobia, relationship abuse and mental health.

It provides "information to all women who have sex with other women, regardless of how you identify - lesbian, queer, bisexual, gay, straight, butch, femme, dyke, or nothing - or how that may change over time.

"It aims to help us make informed choices about our sexual practices, whoever they may be with," it says.

The guide acknowledges that same-sex attracted women have a wide range of different sexual experiences and desires. Family Planning says it has based the resource on the premise that the risks of sexually transmissible infections relate to behaviours, not sexual orientation or identity.

Keeping it Safe is accessible as a 5.85MB .pdf from the Family Planning website here. Daily News Staff - 16th October 2009

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