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Wednesday 14 April 2010

"Get it On!" condom campaign launched

Posted in: New Zealand Daily News, Safe Sex
By Daily News Staff - 12th September 2009

The NZ AIDS Foundation's new condom promotion "Get it On!" starts today with a new website, text service, ad campaign and launch events planned in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.


The NZAF says it aims to bring its message of the importance of gay and bisexual men using condoms and lube into the 'mainstream', where the Foundation believes the message has been absent for some time.

"Gay and bisexual men continue to be the group most at risk from HIV in New Zealand, while members of the African Communities are second most at risk," says Rachael Le Mesurier, the NZAF's Executive Director.

"However, it's important to remember that everyone has a part to play in preventing new HIV infections. Get it On! is a challenge to the whole country to commit to reducing HIV by supporting the gay and bisexual men in their lives to use condoms and lube every time they have anal sex."


Last year saw the highest number of new HIV diagnoses in New Zealand's history. Since the advent of new medications that ensure many people living with HIV live longer and healthier lives, countries around the world are facing new challenges in preventing the transmission of the HIV virus, says the NZAF.

"Condoms and lube remain the best way to protect yourself and your partners from HIV, and local research shows us that many gay and bisexual men in Aotearoa New Zealand are in fact maintaining high levels of condom use," says Le Mesurier.

"It's important to recognise how great an achievement this is, and these men should be applauded. This success has meant New Zealand still has one of the lowest prevalence rates of HIV in the world.

"However, for new HIV transmission rates to decline we need to increase even further the rate of condom usage amongst gay and bisexual men. Using the Get it On! logo and catch-phrase, the NZAF wants to support the move towards building a condom culture across the whole country. Everyone can help by practising safe sex and encouraging the gay and bisexual men in their lives to make safe sex choices, be it their friends, whānau, workmates or colleagues."


Get it On! will be launched in Auckland and Wellington tonight, and in Christchurch next Saturday 19 September.

NZAF staff in Auckland say they're excited about the launch on K' Road from around 9:30pm tonight. Five drag queens in matching Get it On! branded smartcars will cruise around the street's homo hotspots with their assistant guys giving out condoms and other prizes.

In addition to the new website and TXT service, Get it On! will be promoted through advertisements on national television and popular magazines and websites, says the NZAF team.


Text GET IT ON to 3535 to find out more about Get it On!, or visit our website from this (Saturday) afternoon. Daily News Staff - 12th September 2009

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