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Wednesday 14 April 2010

 Opening up about our open relationships
Posted in: Safe Sex, People  6th February 2010
Kiwi research which confirmed what NZ gay and bi men have known for ages - that monogamy's not for every couple - is now being echoed in the USA.

 Meet Mr. Gay New Zealand!
Posted in: Hall of Fame  5th February 2010
This is 29-year-old Justin Savage, who'll represent Aotearoa in the Worldwide Mr. Gay 2010 pageant, happening in Norway next weekend.

Posted in: True Stories  1st February 2010
"I used to hate coming home in case she was there. She weirded me out. I didn't want her near me."

 Mike Puru: "I didn't want to pretend anymore"
Posted in: True Stories  28th January 2010
Radio host Mike Puru's coming out video has now had a whopping 80,000 views on The Edge FM's website. He chats to about the nation's reaction.

Posted in: Blogger Zone, True Stories  18th January 2010
"I remember when men would tell me I was hot, I was desirable, and I turned them on. And I thought 'Well, that's gone, that part of my life anyhow.'"

 Get well soon with Nurse Neil
Posted in: True Stories  14th January 2010
"Being a nurse, you can go from a steady day with routine tasks, then 15 minutes later you can be dealing with a life threatening crisis."

 The Pink Generation Gap
Posted in: Community  11th January 2010 commentator Craig Young asks: Why can't younger and older LGBT people get along?

 Looking back, looking forward
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Community  9th January 2010 blogger Michael Stevens looks back on an eventful 2009 and wonders what 2010 may bring.

 'Kosmo Krator' - A Stolen Identity
Posted in: True Stories  8th January 2010
For over 8 years, a 44yo Christchurch man made online friends by passing himself off as an attractive 20-something. Then he started taking their cash.

 My big gay Sims family
Posted in: True Stories  6th January 2010
20-year-old Bryce Parker has an addiction - he can't stop playing Sims 3. "Sometimes I get so involved, I forget what day it is," he says.

 Meet Westie events planner Cissy Rock
Posted in: Hall of Fame  5th January 2010
"None of it is about making money, its all about creating community and connection. I think that's what makes our events work out here."'s New Year's Honours list
Posted in: Community  31st December 2009
There's a very good chance that at least one of these people has made life better for you - or for your glbt brothers and sisters.'s 2009 Dishonours list
Posted in: Community  28th December 2009
Selfishness, inhumanity, hatred and callous behaviour earned this year's recipients their places on our roll of shame.'s 2009 Daily News stories revisited
Posted in: Community  27th December 2009
News-wise it's been a massive year. Here's our run-down of the stories that reflected and changed our communities over the last twelve months.

 Our Queens' Christmas Message
Posted in: Community  24th December 2009
Please be upstanding for our drag queens Buffy & Bimbo's special Christmas video message!