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Wednesday 14 April 2010

 Album review: Leona Lewis's Echo
Posted in: Music  23rd November 2009
"There's no doubt that Leona has an incredible voice. It stands out on every track, soaring over everything the way Mariah and Whitney used to be able to do."

 Album review: Gin Wigmore's Holy Smoke
Posted in: Music  14th November 2009
"Gin has put out a solid debut that promises a bright future. It's fantastic to see fresh Kiwi talent emerging and bringing something a little different to the table."

 Album review: Mika's 'The Boy Who Knew Too Much'
Posted in: Music  18th October 2009
Mika sings "but your momma thought there was something wrong/didn't want you sleeping with a boy too long." It's no wonder his sexuality is questioned...

 Album review: La Roux
Posted in: Music  4th October 2009
It's been 20 years since the 80's ended, but electropop duo La Roux they seem more than happy to let it live on... and they do an amazing job!

 Album review: Cascada's 'Evacuate the Dancefloor'
Posted in: Music  22nd September 2009
"Cascada exist for a single purpose; to create those stomping dance tunes that get you out on the floor."

 Album review: Whitney Houston's 'I Look To You'
Posted in: Music  8th September 2009
It's been seven years since Whitney released her last album - so has she still got 'the voice'?

 Review: The Gossip's Music for Men
Posted in: Music, Blogger Zone  11th July 2009
"On the first listen I liked the new Gossip album. On the second, I really liked it. By about the third or fourth, I was hooked and delirious."

 Here's Dynamo Go - download their album free!
Posted in: Music  2nd April 2009
An indie pop band from Hamilton with an out gay lead singer/guitarist is giving away their debut album to download.

 Review: Amanda Palmer brings a killer show
Posted in: Music  11th March 2009
"It wasn't long before she was stripping herself down, whipping off her shirt to reveal an incredibly sexy bodice".

 Album review: Who Killed Amanda Palmer?
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Music  4th March 2009
Amanda Palmer has concerts in NZ next week, leading Kitten Power to confess her teenager-like adoration for the Boston-based bi singer.