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Wednesday 14 April 2010

 WTF? Ricky Martin is gay?
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Music  31st March 2010
Ricky Martin officially "coming out" has made headlines across the world. Michael Stevens wonders why the entertainment industry is so afraid of it stars expressing their sexuality.

 The Glamazons return for Easter weekend
Posted in: New Zealand Daily News, Events  31st March 2010
The Glamazons are back on Wellington's stage for the first time in over a year for a special Easter weekend show at The Garden Club.

 The Charlotte Museum: A grand tour
Posted in: Community  30th March 2010
History-addict Kitten Power takes a tour of the Charlotte Museum at its new home in the Auckland suburb of Western Springs, discovering a trove of both living and catalogued treasures.

 War and Peace: The Lavender Edition?
Posted in: Features  29th March 2010
"As we have stayed out of the Iraqi War quagmire, fortunately we haven't had to face the heartache of equality of sacrifice that LGBT service personnel, their partners and dependents have had to cope with."

 Music review: Gabriella Cilmi's Ten
Posted in: Music  28th March 2010
Music reviewer Andy G finds Gabriella Cilmi's Ten "is a strong and extremely polished album that for the most part is firmly rooted in the 80s".

 Drop in new HIV diagnoses in 2009
Posted in: New Zealand Daily News, HIV  27th March 2010
There were 151 new HIV diagnoses in 2009, 73 were men infected through sex with men. The figures are a drop from 2008 but researchers say it's too soon to say whether it's a downward trend

 Allegations surround Kiwi's loss to Aussie
Posted in: New Zealand Daily News, Events  26th March 2010
Allegations that skullduggery saw a New Zealander miss out on winning an Aussie-run Bear contest are being downplayed.

 Gay blogger takes out tough competition
Posted in: New Zealand Daily News, People  24th March 2010
Wellington's Chaz Harris has beaten nearly 400 other hopeful writers and survived a series of eliminations to win a national blogging competition.

 Film Review: A Single Man
Posted in: Movies, Blogger Zone  24th March 2010
BAFTA winning gay-themed movie A Single Man will preview here next month. Craig Young offers an idea of what to expect.

 A well hung Parliament?
Posted in: Comment  23rd March 2010
As the UK heads for a closely contested general election what might the outcome mean for glbt Brits?

 Aroha Festival Video Highlights
Posted in: Events  22nd March 2010
GayNZ was at Auckland's Aroha Day where hundreds of people enjoyed the free entertainment. Thanks to for the video.

 Review: Gay lives revealed, in our own words
Posted in: Books  22nd March 2010
Gay and bi New Zealand men tell their own stories with the emphasis on the present and the personal

 Bullying boss "made me feel sick about who I was"
Posted in: True Stories  20th March 2010
The restaurant worker who was awarded almost $15,000 after his bosses' continual abusive anti-gay remarks left him feeling "subhuman" tells his story.

 Review: Downstage's Pick of the Fringe
Posted in: Performance  19th March 2010
Two popular and very different productions to come out of the recent Wellington fringe festival are now together at Downstage.

 Meet Eric French - Mr. Urge NZ Bear 2010
Posted in: Hall of Fame  18th March 2010
Many manly men entered Urge bar's prized pageant during NZ Bear Week - but there could only be one winner. Lock up your dads as we meet NZ's top teddy.