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Wednesday 14 April 2010

 New call for ban on bareback porn production
Posted in: International Daily News, Safe Sex  22nd December 2009
California's AIDS Healthcare Foundation is planning to file a petition which could see a ban on the production of 'bareback' condomless porn.

 The joy of drunk 'straight' guys
Posted in: Safe Sex, Features  18th December 2009
"What's a gay guy to do when a 'straight' mate develops inverted commas around his accustomed sexual identity?"

 The reality of gay-related mental health problems
Posted in: Living Well, Features  9th December 2009
Being gay in a straight world can lead to mental health problems such as depression. But help is available.

 Review: Palmerston North's Shag Night
Posted in: Safe Sex  8th December 2009
"It's excellent to see provincial city LGBT organisations fighting HIV/AIDS and STIs within their own communities."

 Glenn Mills' death: One week on
Posted in: HIV, Blogger Zone  7th December 2009 blogger Michael Stevens, who was one of the first people to take action against Glenn Mills, reflects his decision to alert the authorities.

 "How Glenn Mills gave me HIV"
Posted in: True Stories, HIV  2nd December 2009
The first man to lay a formal complaint against Glenn Mills for infecting him with HIV tells his story which led to the first of 28 charges being laid.

 Are HIV test kits coming to an outlet near you?
Posted in: HIV, Features  1st December 2009
Three major gay adult supplies retailers and sex-on-site venue owners state their cases for and against selling HIV home-testing kits.

 Glenn Mills' downfall: Shared blame?
Posted in: Features, HIV  1st December 2009
David Herkt writes: "HIV is a mirror of our fears, prejudices and judgments. It creates the environment for the likes of Glenn Mills to flourish."

 World AIDS Day marked with events across globe
Posted in: International Daily News, HIV  1st December 2009
A variety of fundraising and promotional events to mark World AIDS Day 2009 are planned across the globe today.

 NZAF board now focussing on strategic matters
Posted in: New Zealand Daily News, HIV  28th November 2009
Retiring Chair Mark Hendrickson said the NZAF is "strong, active and financially sound" at this afternoon's Annual General Meeting.

 Editorial: HIV prevention - are we doing OK?
Posted in: Features, HIV  28th November 2009
Year after year, two more of our gay and bi men test positive for HIV every week. Are we OK with that?

 What's on around NZ for World AIDS Day
Posted in: Events, HIV  25th November 2009
Red ribbons, parties, shows, art, fashion and fun... here's your guide to what's happening around the country to mark World AIDS Day 2009.

 North America's gay blood donor fight
Posted in: HIV  20th November 2009
In NZ, Rainbow Wellington has questioned the need to exclude all gay men from donating blood. The gay blood issue is also a battleground in Canada and the US.

 Looking for love in all the wrong places
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Safe Sex  19th November 2009
"When you flick through the profiles, you see so many guys pretty well saying the same thing: 'Done the scene, looking for a partner'."

 The great gay blood donation debate (updated 18/11/09)
Posted in: Health & HIV  15th November 2009
Is a policy which prevents gay & bi men from donating blood discriminatory, or a sensible element of a process designed to keep HIV out of the blood supply?