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Wednesday 14 April 2010





April 14, 2010
Posted By: zachinabox
Headline: Conscientious, intelligent, and flexible

I'm looking for supplementary work, or a part-time job to replace the one I have now. Unfortunately, as a student, my income is capped - so supplementary work is most beneficial.

I'm a third year student, and a good one at that (this is no place for modesty!). I have a wide skill set from computing to english, as well as being a conscientious labourer. My analyticity would be my greatest strength.

I previously helped an older friend out by working with him on his computer-literacy to help him manage his business. It was good fun and we always had a good laugh, so I'd like to do something like that again.

I'd like to put my skills to use, whether that is helping out with paperwork, gardening, cleaning, cooking, tutoring, or whatever it is you need doing and could use the help of a student for.

Please email me with any job offer - EXCLUDING sex work. I am fine working in the sex industry in the broadest sense (like a sex shop) or cleaning your house and coming across something dodgy! But I am not looking for sex work. Thanks =)