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Wednesday 14 April 2010

Proclamations of the Red Queen

11th February 2010


Posted by: Craig Young

One intriguing unexpected aspect of LGBT legislative rights is the effects that it has on straights. Freed from the onus of being normative, some of them are starting to behave very much like us…sometimes, resulting in some changes in the sexuality and relationships pecking order.neo.jpg

Look at the wretched Iris Robinson, for example. Tut tut. What makes this case especially irresistable is that a conservative Christian woman is involved in marital infidelity this time, and with a younger man nearly forty years younger than she was. And apparently, she mocked Hilary Clinton for staying with Bill despite his marital infidelity. O tempore, o mores.  Mind you, I’m not condemning Iris for her gender, although the age gap and surrogate parental relationship is mildly creepy.  Outside this context, I’d say more power to her- I have nothing against women’s sexual agency, although Iris is supposed to be a godbot and antifeminist, yet here she is taking advantage of the social reforms that feminists helped to pioneer. Oh dear…

Anyway, the “cougar” is a new heterosexual sexual identity- actually, not that new, considering the original Mrs Robinson and Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate forty years ago. Given women’s greater economic, reproductive, relationship and sexual freedom, though, there are more of these particular straight women these days (although apparently some lesbian cougars are also out on the prowl…)And speaking of sexual embarrassments, here’s one in Sarah Palin’s corner. Her daughter Bristol got pregnant outside marriage and broke up with the putative dad, Levi Johnston, who then posed nude for the straight women’s erotic entertainment magazine Playgirl.  Palin referred to his ‘budding porn career’, but I suspect that he’s still paying maintenance to her daughter partially derived from the latest filthy lucre, so I wouldn’t protest too much.

Leaving aside the yummy Thomas Jane (Ray Drucker, the straight fledgeling male sex worker for women) in Hung, there’s the less salubrious case of poor Herman Rockefeller. I am appalled at the standard of media coverage which somehow implied that given his closeted polyamorous lifestyle, he ‘deserved’ to brutally die. Uh, no. Excuse me, this man was engaged in a perfectly legal if socially marginal form of sexual behaviour that has been going on since the sixties made the divorce between reproduction and sex as possible for straight people as it always was for us, barring criminality and social exclusion, that is. He did not deserve to be killed for engaging in consensual sex with anyone. Perhaps he should have told his wife, but some newspaper coverage is blame-the-victim territory which is disturbingly close to homophobic coverage of homophobic hate crimes. And incidentally, how does his family feel while reading this disgustingly insensitive cheap tabloid copy? Ick. This is antipoly erotophobia and I have no hesitation in condemning it. Let’s not replace one sexual hierarchy with a modified one that marginalises polyamorists, thank you.

And now some US and Brit hets apparently have their own sex on site venues. In other words, a traditional gay male practice is starting to look attractive to some younger polyamorist straights. Okay. Fair enough, as long as it’s safe, sane and consensual, no problem. In Australia’s Northern Territory, some lusty souls have even admitted to experimenting with public sex in cars, at concerts and secluded wooded areas. Actually, I imagine this has probably been more farspread than the other variants, albeit unacknowledged. They just don’t usually do it in bogs. Actually, some of them do. I understand it’s called ‘dogging.”

Although, not all neostraights stay neo. As I noted sometime ago, Metro ran an article on Renee Chignell, the former teenage dominatrix at the centre of the Peter Plumley Walker bondage death case. Turns out that Renee is now a solo mum, out of the sex industry and has a teenage son whom she dearly loves.

What are we to make of these new heterosexual sexual identities? Well, equality cuts both ways, I suppose. If we want legal recognition for our life options like marriage, civil unions and family formation, then if straight polyamorists want reciprocal greater sexual freedom without stigma, in safety and with recognition of greater gender equality, I’m willing to recognise it. Welcome to the sexual revolution phase two, neostraights!

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