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Wednesday 14 April 2010

Proclamations of the Red Queen

29th March 2010

Unmourned: Father Paul Marx, Antichoice Antisemite: 1920-2010

Posted by: Craig Young

It angers me no end when the Christian Right try to rewrite history and posthumously sanitise the public record of one of their own. Take hardline Catholic antiabortionist Father Paul Marx (90), who died recently, founder of the conservative Catholic Human Life International pressure group.

Predictably, there was a load of sycophantic drivel in his memoriam article on the website. Stephen Mosher, fellow antiabortionist and associated with the “Population Research Institute” gushed about Marx’ fanatical opposition to contraception, abortion, assisted suicide and LGBT rights. Marx founded his Human Life International pressure group in 1972 and using the Catholic institutional infrastructure, spread his sectarian philosophy of misogyny and homophobia around the world.

However, Marx had a far darker side, according to the respected Jewish Antidefamation League, an organisation founded to expose antisemitic hate propaganda regardless of political affiliation. In 1998, the ADL published a piece on Marx that was scathing about his history of repeated antisemitic diatribes. In 1977, Marx stated that it was a ’strange thing’ how many pro-choice activists and abortion providers were Jewish. Excuse me?! Yes, there are lots of Jews in the pro-choice movement, along with numerous mainline Protestants, liberal Catholic dissidents, secular humanists, pagans, principled libertarians and conservatives. Wait, it gets worse. French antiabortion geneticist Jerome Lejeune apparently also told Marx that French pro-choice activists were ‘mostly Jewish” and that Marx himself had seen a “Jewish female liar” defend reproductive choice at a Bucharest World Population Conference.

In 1987, Marx attacked the understandable concerns of Jewish community members over Pope John Paul II’s meeting with Austrian Premier Kurt Waldheim over the latter’s Nazi war record. At the end of that outburst, he derogated the suffering, brutality and genocide of the Holocaust compared to the demise of zygotes, embryos and fetuses in the context of reproductive freedom. Ah, what breathtaking historical revisionism. Sorry, Paul, it was the Nazis who were antiabortion and antigay during the thirties and World War II- or, as today’s Christian Rightists call it in their own version of Orwellian Newspeak, ‘pro-life and pro-family.’ He accused “the Jews” of leading the pro-choice movement and “perpetrating another Holocaust” in another diatribe.

Good riddance, you poisonous geriatric bigot.


“Antidefamation League Investigation Shows Strains of Antisemitism in Extreme Factions in the Antiabortion Movement”:

Not Recommended:

Stpehen Mosher: “RIP Father Paul Marx”: Catholic.Org:

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  • 1 Steve // Mar 30, 2010 at 2:37 am

    Hitler was all FOR abortion, just not for Aryans. He was a huge fan of Margaret Sanger, and commended her publicly several times. No informed person doubts this. Josef Mengele, infamous Nazi doctor and war criminal who experimented on Jews in barbaric experiments, fled to Argentina after the fall of the Nazis. He practiced medicine as an ABORTIONIST. Your boy Lenin was the first to adopt legalized widespread, then free abortions.

  • 2 Craig Young // Mar 30, 2010 at 11:19 am

    Excuse me, Steve, could you cite your sources? Mine happens to be William Shirer’s magisterial “Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.” It is historical fact that the Gestapo presided over a Committee to Ban Abortion and Homosexuality. Abortion was illegal under the Third Reich and Nazi doctors engaged in sterilisation abuse of Jewish women. The Nazis executed Aryan women who had abortions and sent gay men to concentration camps.

    I also admit, totalitarian Stalinist communism also banned abortion and homosexuality after Alexandra Kollantai’s brief period of Soviet social liberalism under Lenin in the early twenties.

    Face it. Hitler and Stalin were both anti-abortion and antigay. Does that make either of them
    ‘pro-life and pro-family?’ At least bother to read mainstream history before you engage in further breathtaking acts of historical illiteracy…

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