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Wednesday 14 April 2010

Proclamations of the Red Queen

31st March 2010

Fiction: Rekindled

Posted by: Craig Young

Some more fiction. This time, post-apocalyptic.


It was two hundred and five days afterward that I met him.

Two hundred and four days had elapsed since the plague had reached full intensity and emptied out humanity.

Two hundred and three days had passed since I awoke, bleary eyed and woefully, skeletally thin, into a deserted world.

For almost seven months, I hadn’t seen a single human being alive. There were no dogs either. I’m not sure if that’s because the GEV was based on some canine-specific predecessor that jumped species, but cats are immune. In fact, I owe Mulligan, an especially obliging and curious tabby, my sanity.

One afternoon, he popped up on the deck of the deserted bach that I’d taken over and started miaouing frantically. It wasn’t his food this time- he went nowhere near the fridge, and kept trying to lead me out into the wood nearby. I followed him, as he stopped every two metres to make sure I was keeping up.

I saw it then. It was a tent. I prepared to tie my t-shirt around my neck, suspecting Mully had found another corpse. Then I realised something- there was no scent of decay. So, I headed into the tent. His tee and sleeping bag were stained with vomit and shit, he was unshaven and looked as bad as I had. But he was breathing evenly and it looked like he’d made it through.

Pausing to reward Mully with the tuna he deserved, I bundled the stranger into the bach. I got the shower running and stripped him. I got naked myself and tended to his hygiene. Okay, so I got hard. I’m gay, and I was in proximity to a naked male body, even if sex was nowhere near my mind. Anyway, it’d be just my luck if he were straight. And he was still so out of it, he wouldn’t notice…

I got some food into him before I tucked him into bed and he slept for about seven hours, while I did my usual recce of the surrounding areas. About seven that night, a tall naked figure stumbled into the living room:
“G’day….y’saved me life, mate.”

I grinned: “Dunno about that. The fever broke, but you were in a bad way, so I cleaned you up. Your gear was a write off, I’m afraid.”

He shrugged: “No worries. Name’s Lew. I was on holiday when this plague shit started. I must have caught it late. Mind you, I was always a loner before this.”

I walked over with a cuppa: “Legend. Just one question…?”


“Cheers, mate. Anyway, I had this strange dream where a chunky lad with an impressive horsedick was cleanin’ me up…”

I started: “Uh, thanks.”

“Did I offend ya? Shit. That was you, then, man?”

“Look, Lew. I’m gay, okay.”

“Aw hell, Pete, me too, man. Get over here so I can thank yez properly.” He grabbed me, thrust my shorts down and off and went to work on me, given I was ready and at attention given this stroke of luck. I reached down and gave him a helping hand.

All that was five years ago. As far as we know, we’re two adams in an eden all our own. We may be the last humans alive anywhere on earth, but each day, I wake up alongside his lanky, warm living frame entwined with mine. It’s enough.

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