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Wednesday 14 April 2010

Proclamations of the Red Queen

1st April 2010

Dropping the Rosary and Walking Away

Posted by: Craig Young

The Catholic clergy pedophilia crisis is killing that church. I feel deep sorrow for the Catholic Left over this, but as for the Catholic Right

After Vatican II in the sixties, Catholicism has tended to be riven by two divergent tendencies. One is a noble orientation toward social justice for the poor and oppressed that involves strong opposition to New Right economics, peace activism (as in the recent Waihopai civil disobedience trial)…and in the United States, open dissent from the Vatican’s homophobia and murderous and misogynist opposition to contraception, abortion and safe sex within the ambit of Catholics for a Free Choice. These are good, noble and profoundly ethical people of earnest and deep spirituality. In the case of CFFC, they have also stood in solidarity against the heartless denial and organisational self-preservation efforts of the Vatican and Catholic hierarchy, and alongside those whose lives have been ravaged by the scourge of Catholic clergy pedophilia.

Then there’s the Catholic Right. They are despised by their social justice and peace oriented counterparts for their pandering to fundamentalist Protestants over issues like violent corporal punishment of children and the death penalty. They are vitriolic homophobes. They are often also antisemites, like Father Paul Marx, founder of the Catholic Right Human Life International pressure group. But most of all, they are fanatics when it comes to pursuing the murderous, misogynist and obscene crusade against women’s reproductive freedom in the context of contraception and abortion.

This murderous sectarian obscenity contributes to thousands of deaths each year in societies where women perish from internal injuries after backstreet abortions across the world. It contributes to the deaths of those who have mendacious ‘abstinence’ junk science foisted on them in ersatz fearmongering ’sex education’ classes that do not give them adequate information about contraceptive options, leading to multiple unwanted pregnancies and consequent high infant and maternal mortality. It leads to infection and death from endstage AIDS, given that pregnancy suppresses women’s immune systems. It leads to the denial of religious freedom and freedom from religion for those who don’t share their sectarian and antidemocratic premises. It leads to the denial of free speech when they try to ban and censor accurate evidence-based information about contraception and abortion. It leads to persecution and censorship of free academic debate within Catholic tertiary institutions.

They want civilised western societies to return to the barbarous past of the backstreet abortionist through their sick campaigns to prohibit womens reproductive freedom. They want to deny pregnant incest survivors the right to their reproductive freedom through denial of medical confidentiality and call it “parental notification and consent.” They want to ban D&X late term terminations, even when this would endanger womens lives and seriously injure their health and are a medical neccessity. Their terrorist elements resort to assassination, vandalism, firebombing abortion clinics and coldblooded murder to achieve their disgusting objectives.

As one prochoice battlecry went, Prolife? What a lie. You just want to see women die.

No less abhorrent is their hypocrisy when it comes to Catholic clergy pedophilia. The Catholic Right has the collaboration of the Vatican and Catholic hierarchy for the murderous antichoice agenda noted above. They are a clericist movement, which slavishly venerates ordained clergy, their church hierarchy and the Vatican, as if the latter were unstained sources of moral authority. They rant and rave about poor little presentient blastocysts, zygotes, embryos and fetuses, even given that the latter are presentient until the twenty-eighth week of pregnancy, long after most terminations occur, except those intended to save a woman’s life or prevent serious internal injury, or in cases of lethal severe fetal abnormality where the fetus will not survive long in the outside world if brought to term.

They don’t seem to give a damn about the real innocent child victims of Catholic clergy pedophilia. Child sexual abuse drives children and adolescents to self-harm, attempted or completed suicide, educational and employment disruption and substance abuse problems in later life.

Well, it may be far too late now. Through years of neglect, concealment and wilful blind denial of the scale of the tolerance of clergy child sexual abuse, the consequences are now being felt. Ordinary Catholics are staring at their clerical leaders, aghast at the above. Many of them are walking away, either out of Christianity altogether, or toward more humane and compassionate liberal Protestant denominations. Over time, and this can only accelerate, the denomination will diminish in scale and be unable to run its institutions or fund misogynist, homophobic and sectarian political campaigns. 

It has exhausted its  moral authority. The New Zealand Catholic Right’s geriatric contingents may be too far gone in terms of its dotage or too morally calloused toward others to care about the victims of clergy pedophilia. Thankfully, they have been in steep organisational and membership decline over the last thirty years.

I feel no pity at all toward the Vatican or Catholic hierarchy about this. If their institution had any decency left, it would empty its coffers to provide some remedy to the damage that it enabled and concealed over the past few decades.

Postscript: Words fail me. The Catholic hierarchy are currently whining about the justifiable anger and outrage at the Vatican and their own institutional concealment and denial of clergy pedophilia over the course of the last several decades and daring to compare  it to Nazi antisemitism. Well, their predecessors would know all about that, wouldn’t they? And after all, the current pontiff was a former Hitler Youth member. Don’t get me started about Catholic clerical anti-Semitism and collaboration in Nazi-occupied Europe, as well as Pius XII’s Nazi-Vatican Concordat, or the verminous late rabid antisemite Father Paul Marx, founder of “Human Life International”. Quite understandably, international Jewish communities are themselves outraged at this. I stand in complete solidarity with them over this.

In the United States, Kansas city abortion provider George Tiller’s stalker and murderer was sentenced to life imprisonment today. Meanwhile, Pope Ratz wittered about the need to ‘nonviolently’ oppose ‘unjust’ laws, like those that recognise womens reproductive freedom. Isn’t it a little late for that, your Self-Righteousness?

In Canada, the antiabortion Lifesite has tried to excuse the epidemic of Catholic clergy pedophilia through comparing it to schoolyard abuse and our own beloved “Right to Life New Zealand” has followed suit. Link below. I will follow up rebuttals of this suspiciously timed claim. It now appears that there is good reason why it is that Charol Shakeshaft’s research report is subject to relative neglect. It has poor research design and elides sexual harrassment with child and adolescent sexual abuse at public schools, artefactually inflating the incidence of the latter in the process.

While any form of professional sexual harrassment should be dealt through disciplinary and dismissal avenues if neccessary, Shakeshaft does not distinguish between that serious professional misconduct and criminal child and adolescent sexual abuse.It should also be noted that Shakeshaft’s ‘research’ bibliography includes discredited US antigay junk ’scientist’ Paul Cameron, widely criticised for his methodological incompetence and debased standards of research ‘ethics.’

As usual, the Catholic Right is lying and trying to trivialise the scale and moral seriousness of Catholic clergy pedophilia through making excuses for them.

Jesus wept.

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