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Wednesday 14 April 2010

 On TV: Transgender Kids
Posted in: Television  17th February 2010
A TV One documentary follows the lives of transgender children and sees their parents face life-changing questions.

 Bake it 'till you make it
Posted in: Television  11th February 2010
Is this New Zealand's hottest home baker? We chat to TV3 kitchen-whizz contestant Grayson Coutts about his favourite goodies.

 Torchwood's action man returns... with a boyfriend
Posted in: Television  9th February 2010
When TV2's intriguing sci-fi drama Torchwood returns this week for a new five-part series, things have heated up between two of its alien-crime-busting crew.

 Three good reasons to watch Modern Family
Posted in: Television  29th January 2010
Committed gay couple Mitchell and Cameron have returned from Vietnam, where they picked up an awesome souvenir - a tiny baby called Lily.

 Can you spot Bray on Shortland Street this week?
Posted in: Television  19th January 2010
Talented 25-year-old Aucklander Bray Croft will appear on TV's Shorty St this week after winning outrageous game show 'Straight Acting'.

 Are you a Gleek?
Posted in: Television  5th November 2009
Top Model's Tyra is so last week! From the creator of Nip/Tuck and Popular comes TV3's winsome new high school drama Glee.

 This Top Model contestant has a little something extra
Posted in: Television  25th August 2009
"Some people might say I'm transgender, some people might say transsexual. Personally, I prefer 'born in the wrong body'."

 Kids Can... and so can Drag Queens!
Posted in: Television  11th August 2009
Four of the gay community's most colourful and glamorous drag divas do their bit for the TV3 Kids Can Telethon on TV3!

 Triangle TV's Sunday Nights Out
Posted in: Television  25th July 2009
A Sunday evening TV festival season of iconic NZ-made gay and lesbian films and docos starts this weekend - here's the schedule.

 Colin Mathura-Jeffree's model behaviour
Posted in: Television  28th May 2009
As NZ's Next Top Model goes down to the wire, its most flamboyant judge admits: "There have been times I've fallen off the wagon and into a quiche!"