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Wednesday 14 April 2010

 So, How’s the Family ?
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Family Matters  9th April 2010
"I don’t know why but I’ve heard quite a lot of stories recently from people who have had really shitty experiences with their families," writes Michael Stevens.

 "I can't tell my parents I'm gay!"
Posted in: Family Matters  4th March 2010
"These days I'm comfortable with my sexuality. There's still however one hurdle I have yet to leap. I'm 26 years old, and haven't told my parents."

 When sex drives don't match
Posted in: Family Matters  28th March 2009
"There is no passion when we have sex. I would never cheat on him but can't handle the situation."

 "Coming out is depressing after all"
Posted in: Family Matters  17th January 2009
'An enchanted warrior' told us of his misfortune since coming out to his mum, so our panel now offers him their sage advice.

 "I'm 90% sure I want to get into sex work"
Posted in: Family Matters  13th December 2008
19-year-old student Ax is considering sex work. We sought advice from a gay counselor and a coordinator at the NZ Prostitutes Collective.

 "Two of my friends got HIV – from the same guy"
Posted in: Family Matters  26th November 2008
Angry and confused after two friends told him they got HIV from a man who's still out there picking up guys, is there anything Riane can do?

 "Help! My boyfriend's doing drag!"
Posted in: Family Matters  25th October 2008
'Frocking up' started as a giggle for Trevor's man, but now it's happening every weekend. Can their relationship survive drag drama?

 Banking on romance at work
Posted in: Family Matters  13th September 2008
A bank manager is wondering if he should take things a little further with a young employee. Our panel says: "Don't screw the crew!"

 Should Ben follow his heart... to Florida?
Posted in: Family Matters  24th June 2008
"My friends are all telling me that I'm crazy to be going to visit this guy. They are telling me not to go, but I very much want to."

 "I've never been to a gay bar... I'm nervous"
Posted in: Family Matters  12th May 2008
James from New Plymouth plans to visit Auckland's gay scene, but how can he get guys' attention when he's so quiet and shy?

 "I've fallen for a straight guy"
Posted in: Family Matters  13th April 2008
John from Chch can't stop thinking about his friend. Should he ignore his feelings, or make a move and risk everything?

 "I think my boyfriend is addicted to porn"
Posted in: Family Matters  5th January 2008
Michael in Christchurch says his boyfriend isn't giving him enough attention - is it time he pulled the plug?

 "How do I meet guys like me?"
Posted in: Family Matters  27th December 2007
A 19-year-old Aucklander says he wants to steer clear of bars, clubs, drugs, and 'sex websites'… so where else can he turn in his search for guys?

 "I think I'm gay… How do I know for sure?"
Posted in: Family Matters  15th December 2007
Sam writes: "Dear GayNZ, my girlfriend's been coming on strong, but I'm not sure about her and I think I'm gay. How do I know for sure?"

 "Help me… I'm too camp!"
Posted in: Family Matters  14th November 2007
"How can I butch it up a bit? I’m naturally camp, and sometimes get hassles for it. Any advice on how I can tone it down would be welcome"