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Wednesday 14 April 2010

 Review: Gay lives revealed, in our own words
Posted in: Books  22nd March 2010
Gay and bi New Zealand men tell their own stories with the emphasis on the present and the personal

 Book review: Dirty White Boy - Tales of Soho
Posted in: Books  22nd February 2010
"Elton John allegedly read it through in one go, but Elton either has a very fast reading speed or he was exaggerating."

 Review: 'Red Studio - 45 Prints' by John Z. Robinson
Posted in: Books  30th December 2009
"There is a charm and simplicity about Robinson's writing that matches the best of his prints."

 Book review: When Gay People Get Married
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Books  29th November 2009
Uni of Massachuesetts lesbian economist Mary Badgett is a star of LGBT academia, providing indispensable quantitative data to LGBT legislative reform politics.

 Can the all-new Batwoman defend Gotham?
Posted in: Books  28th June 2009
"Detective Comics will be without Batman as the lead character for the foreseeable future, and into his place steps Kathy Kane, the lesbian Batwoman."

 Review: The Male Figure in the Art of John Z. Robinson
Posted in: Books  18th April 2009
"The book is copiously and beautifully illustrated. It is good art. It is bold, original and it says something."

 Book review: 20 Years On from Law Reform
Posted in: Books  16th April 2009
A new book from NZ's Lesbian & Gay Archive contains an impressive collection of articles on homosexual law reform, written from an LGBT perspective.

 Stunning summer reading
Posted in: Books, Blogger Zone  13th February 2009
A wide variety of queer characters have kept Kitten Power company this summer, thanks to her trusty library card.

 Review: John Barrowman's Anything Goes
Posted in: Books  31st December 2008
John Barrowman plays Captain Jack Harkness, TV's first out gay/bi/omnisexual action hero. He tells his real-life coming out story in his new book.

 Farewell, Australia's Sappho: Dorothy Porter, 1954-2008
Posted in: Books  15th December 2008
This creative wunderkind wrote libretti, young adult fiction and music lyrics during her extraordinary career, but is best remembered for her poerty.