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Wednesday 14 April 2010

 Meet Kim Lucas: Lesbian scene queen
Posted in: People, Events  13th April 2010
New Zealand ex-pat Kim Lucas has created a lesbian sugar-rush of hype with Candy bar, which opens in the space above Naval & Family on Auckland's K' Rd this weekend. So who is she?

 So, How’s the Family ?
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Family Matters  9th April 2010
"I don’t know why but I’ve heard quite a lot of stories recently from people who have had really shitty experiences with their families," writes Michael Stevens.

 The Charlotte Museum: A grand tour
Posted in: Community  30th March 2010
History-addict Kitten Power takes a tour of the Charlotte Museum at its new home in the Auckland suburb of Western Springs, discovering a trove of both living and catalogued treasures.

 Gay blogger takes out tough competition
Posted in: New Zealand Daily News, People  24th March 2010
Wellington's Chaz Harris has beaten nearly 400 other hopeful writers and survived a series of eliminations to win a national blogging competition.

 Bullying boss "made me feel sick about who I was"
Posted in: True Stories  20th March 2010
The restaurant worker who was awarded almost $15,000 after his bosses' continual abusive anti-gay remarks left him feeling "subhuman" tells his story.

 Meet Eric French - Mr. Urge NZ Bear 2010
Posted in: Hall of Fame  18th March 2010
Many manly men entered Urge bar's prized pageant during NZ Bear Week - but there could only be one winner. Lock up your dads as we meet NZ's top teddy.

 How healthy is your relationship?
Posted in: Community  11th March 2010
A new booklet about Kiwi same-sex coupling gives tips for healthy relationships – and advice on what to do if things go wrong.

 Acting my age
Posted in: True Stories, Blogger Zone  10th March 2010
"I was out dancing the other weekend and 'Forever Young' came on. I'm 48 and often go out dancing. But do I want to be forever young? Should I have taken myself off the dancefloor in shame?"

 What's our community coming to?
Posted in: Community  8th March 2010
Dot's bar owner Peter Taylor delivers a scathing yet optimistic 'State of the Union' address as NZ's LGBT citizens begin a decade of uncertainty.

 "I can't tell my parents I'm gay!"
Posted in: Family Matters  4th March 2010
"These days I'm comfortable with my sexuality. There's still however one hurdle I have yet to leap. I'm 26 years old, and haven't told my parents."

 The OurFest Awards: Why the winners won
Posted in: Community, Events  20th February 2010
Last night's inaugural OurFest Awards reflected, in microcosm, Auckland's diverse but united communities.

 Lesley and Tee's Civil Union
Posted in: Civil Unions  18th February 2010
"Having our families and friends around was great but for me the highlight was walking down the beach together alone before the ceremony."

 This one goes out to all the romantics
Posted in: True Stories, Blogger Zone  15th February 2010
"I broke up with my first love. The girl of my dreams, who swooped perfectly into my life just months after I came out. The one I built a life and plans for the future with."

 Coming out to Granny
Posted in: True Stories  13th February 2010
She asked: "Stephen, did you tell us that you are gay?" Without hesitation I replied: "Yes, Granny, I am."

 The OurFest Awards - Here's who made the finals!
Posted in: Community, Events  10th February 2010
The OurFest team has announced the finalists in the inaugural Auckland LGBT OurFest Awards.