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Wednesday 14 April 2010

 So, How’s the Family ?
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Family Matters  9th April 2010
"I don’t know why but I’ve heard quite a lot of stories recently from people who have had really shitty experiences with their families," writes Michael Stevens.

 WTF? Ricky Martin is gay?
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Music  31st March 2010
Ricky Martin officially "coming out" has made headlines across the world. Michael Stevens wonders why the entertainment industry is so afraid of it stars expressing their sexuality.

 Film Review: A Single Man
Posted in: Movies, Blogger Zone  24th March 2010
BAFTA winning gay-themed movie A Single Man will preview here next month. Craig Young offers an idea of what to expect.

 Human Frailty
Posted in: Blogger Zone  21st March 2010
Although he has to temporarily hang up his dancing shoes - blogger Michael Stevens is reflecting on just how lucky he is, after an injury which has left him practically housebound.

 Acting my age
Posted in: True Stories, Blogger Zone  10th March 2010
"I was out dancing the other weekend and 'Forever Young' came on. I'm 48 and often go out dancing. But do I want to be forever young? Should I have taken myself off the dancefloor in shame?"

 But what about the animals?
Posted in: Blogger Zone  28th February 2010
Sydney Mardi Gras has blocked an Animal Liberation Front float from their parade. What's the connection between these two social and political movements?

 Teddies unite!
Posted in: Events, Blogger Zone  24th February 2010
This week is the first Bear Week we've ever had in New Zealand. Which raises the question: "What is a Bear?"

 Summer Fun!
Posted in: Events, Blogger Zone  18th February 2010
Michael Stevens writes: "Last Sunday saw well over 10,000 people at the Big Gay Out here in Auckland. It's our last big LGBTQ community event."

 This one goes out to all the romantics
Posted in: True Stories, Blogger Zone  15th February 2010
"I broke up with my first love. The girl of my dreams, who swooped perfectly into my life just months after I came out. The one I built a life and plans for the future with."

Posted in: Blogger Zone  11th February 2010
"One intriguing unexpected aspect of LGBT legislative rights is the effects that it has on straights. Some of them are starting to behave very much like us."

Posted in: Blogger Zone  8th February 2010
What happens when we're 'over the rainbow' and have achieved the desired LGBT reforms that we currently await?

 Review: Auckland's first Laneway Festival
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Music  2nd February 2010
"There is one thing you should know right off about this young band from southwest London... they make sexy music. Incredibly sexy music."

Posted in: Blogger Zone, True Stories  18th January 2010
"I remember when men would tell me I was hot, I was desirable, and I turned them on. And I thought 'Well, that's gone, that part of my life anyhow.'"

 Looking back, looking forward
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Community  9th January 2010 blogger Michael Stevens looks back on an eventful 2009 and wonders what 2010 may bring.

 Predictions for 2010
Posted in: Blogger Zone  27th December 2009 blogger Craig Young gazes into his crystal ball to reveal what the world might have in store for us in 2010.