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Wednesday 14 April 2010

 Oates on the air for your aural pleasure
Posted in: New Zealand Daily News, Entertainment  14th April 2010
A new radio show Wild Oates has been launched on Auckland's Ponsonby FM by Steven Oates, who is excited to bring a queer voice back to radio.

 Meet Kim Lucas: Lesbian scene queen
Posted in: People, Events  13th April 2010
New Zealand ex-pat Kim Lucas has created a lesbian sugar-rush of hype with Candy bar, which opens in the space above Naval & Family on Auckland's K' Rd this weekend. So who is she?

 Review: MOS Electro House Sessions 3
Posted in: Music  12th April 2010
"Electro House 3 is something that will get even a rock 'n roll loving lesbian in the mood for a night out on the gay-town."

 School balls remain a battleground
Posted in: Features  10th April 2010
A brave USA high school student has highlighted the struggles many queer NZ students still face when they want to take a partner to their school ball.

 Abuse allegations "orchestrated by Pope's enemies"
Posted in: International Daily News, Features  9th April 2010
Cardinals claim sex abuse allegations orchestrated by the Pope's enemies, who resent his opposition to same-sex marriage.

 So, How’s the Family ?
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Family Matters  9th April 2010
"I don’t know why but I’ve heard quite a lot of stories recently from people who have had really shitty experiences with their families," writes Michael Stevens.

 Treachery and despair?
Posted in: Comment  8th April 2010
Britain's Conservative leader David Cameron has come under attack from within his own Conservative Party. What is behind this treachery?

 Review: Grand, exceptional, heavenly choirs
Posted in: Performance  8th April 2010
The massed glbt choirs of the Out and Loud concert deliver on their musical promise with great performances.

 Single tournament will strengthen communities
Posted in: New Zealand Daily News, Features  7th April 2010
The AsiaPacific Outgames crew are welcoming the decision to run just one global gay sports tournament from 2018, saying it will avoid splitting the community.

 "English Patient" hero was gay, letters show
Posted in: International Daily News, Movies  6th April 2010
There are claims the WWII spy whose story inspired the Oscar-winning film The English Patient was actually gay and in love with a Nazi soldier.

 After something to sink your teeth into?
Posted in: Movies  6th April 2010
Twilight fans here's some news for you: Robert Pattinson is in a gay movie - a gay movie which Out Takes is bringing to theatres in Auckland and Wellington.

 Unpleasant Paisley Swirls
Posted in: Comment  6th April 2010
A look at Northern Ireland and its "benighted, militant fundamentalist" Democratic Unionist Party.

 Family, sexuality, cancer and risk
Posted in: Health & HIV  5th April 2010
There seems to be little collective New Zealand lesbian or gay activity around breast or prostate cancer risk. Why?

 On a lighter note, with two GALS
Posted in: Music, Events  2nd April 2010
Choirs from New Zealand, Australia and North America have converged on Auckland this weekend and two local singers can't hide their excitement.

 What's happening this Easter weekend?
Posted in: Events  2nd April 2010
Want somewhere to hop along to this Easter weekend? Here's a guide of where you can dance away the chocolate calories ... or celebrate Easter in a more traditional way.