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Wednesday 14 April 2010

 Family, sexuality, cancer and risk
Posted in: Health & HIV  5th April 2010
There seems to be little collective New Zealand lesbian or gay activity around breast or prostate cancer risk. Why?

 Drop in new HIV diagnoses in 2009
Posted in: New Zealand Daily News, HIV  27th March 2010
There were 151 new HIV diagnoses in 2009, 73 were men infected through sex with men. The figures are a drop from 2008 but researchers say it's too soon to say whether it's a downward trend

 Gay men are at risk of anal cancer, studies say
Posted in: Living Well  14th March 2010
HPV is a highly infectious sexually communicable disease, for which a vaccine is now available to NZ women... but not yet for Kiwi gay men, who are also particularly at risk.

 Gay men and the big 'C'
Posted in: Living Well  4th March 2010
Sometimes, it seems as if gay men have tunnel vision beyond HIV/AIDS. Cancer is also a gay male problem. What are we going to do about it?

 How to look good exercising
Posted in: Living Well, Features  1st March 2010
"It's a bit about the outfit, a bit of how you look in the outfit and a bit more about how you feel in the outfit."

 How's our drinking?
Posted in: Living Well  23rd February 2010
Is there a specific culture of heavy drinking amongst some lesbians and bisexual women? Yes and no...

 HIV infection no longer a bar to USA entry
Posted in: New Zealand Daily News, HIV  16th February 2010
HIV positive New Zealanders no longer need risk their ability to visit or pass through the USA by having to declare their HIV status on their American arrival forms.

 HIV prevention and support services to be reviewed
Posted in: New Zealand Daily News, HIV  16th February 2010
The provision of NZ's HIV support services and prevention programmes will soon come under the microscope with the commissioning of a report by the Ministry of Health to guide future spending.

 Opening up about our open relationships
Posted in: Safe Sex, People  6th February 2010
Kiwi research which confirmed what NZ gay and bi men have known for ages - that monogamy's not for every couple - is now being echoed in the USA.

 Sharing ownership of the NZAF's progress
Posted in: HIV  31st January 2010
The NZAF is consulting on its soon to be implemented Strategic Plan 2010-2015, seeking to share the ownership and responsibility for progress.

 17,046 condom packs for NZ's sexy summer
Posted in: New Zealand Daily News, Safe Sex  23rd January 2010
Safe sex workers distributed a total of 17,046 holiday condom and lube packs to gay hotspots around NZ over the summery Xmas and New Year.

 HIV pill advances too slow says Body Positive
Posted in: New Zealand Daily News, HIV  21st January 2010
The approval of a once a day dose for an important HIV medication is a step forward but has been too long coming in NZ, according to an HIV positive people's support organisation.

 Australia's gay blood donor dilemma
Posted in: HIV  16th January 2010
In December's DNA magazine, we hear about Australia's quandaries over the gay blood transfusion ban and divided LGBT opinions on the issue.

 Faster, stronger, better, OLDER?
Posted in: Living Well, Features  4th January 2010
Another year's gone by, and so quickly! Never mind. Ageing can have its advantages, reveals's fitness guru Julz Darroch.

 With crix belly life's not a beach
Posted in: HIV  3rd January 2010
Like most New Zealanders John Stone loves the sea. This year he finds himself avoiding the beach for the first time in his life.