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Consultation on My First Job

This online resource combines information across the Department of Labour and some other Government agencies specifically dedicated to issues related to children and young people in employment.

It has been developed following a profiling exercise with regard to the information needs of various groups (such as: young people, parents and guardians, employers and advocates) to ensure that information is easily accessed and is user friendly.

The main purpose of the online resource is to create a one-stop-shop for any person that is interested in information about children and young people in employment. Primarily it is designed to serve the needs of:

  • Children and young persons in work or looking for work, by informing them of their workplace rights and information available to them
  • Employers of children and young persons, by informing them of their employer rights and obligations with respect to children and young persons
  • Parents or guardians, by informing them of the rights of children and young persons and how they are able to provide support
  • Advocates or researchers, by providing them with a compiled list of resources and reports in relation to children and young persons in employment.

To access the My First Job online resource please go to

Related work

A research summary document is being prepared by the Department about School Children in Paid Employment in New Zealand. A draft version of an executive summary can be found here. We welcome any feedback on this draft paper.

Consultation questions

In particular we are looking for your opinion on:

  • Does the content of the online resource cover off or answer common problems sometimes found with the employment of children and young people?
  • Are there any areas where you thought more information was needed?
  • Does the format of the resource present information in a way that is easy to read?
  • Do you have any feedback on the content of the School Children in Paid Employment research summary document? In particular, we are keen to hear comments on the Discussion section of the research summary document (pp 47-54), specifically:
    • Gaps in Data Availability (P49) – Have we missed any key information gaps?
    • Current Research Activities/Research in the Pipeline (P52) Are there any relevant research activities, not identified in the summary report, currently underway or planned for 2010 or 2011 (or possibly scheduled further out) that will inform these gaps? (Please provide details)
    • Priority research activities: The Department has identified a number of research priorities for the short, medium and longer term. These reflect identified information gaps in the broader context of research currently underway or scheduled. What are your thoughts on these research priorities? Are there any research activities, included or not included in this section, you would prioritise above all others?

Feedback channels

The consultation period will run from Monday 22 March to Monday 19 April 2010.

You can send through your feedback by email to or by mail to:

Children and Young Persons Consultation
Workplace Policy Group
Department of Labour
PO Box 3705