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Feedback from Review Consultation events

The Department of Labour was pleased to host a series of consultation events held between 29 April – 5 May 2009 in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin attended by 160 people. This feedback forms one of the inputs to the review of the Workplace Health and Safety Strategy for New Zealand.

More information about the review process

Thank you to those of you who attended a meeting in your area. Your comments and feedback are appreciated.

What are the key questions of the Review?

The review effectively seeks to answer the following four questions. The key points raised around New Zealand and feedback from the consultation events can be found under the headings below.

  1. What progress has been made in workplace health and safety over the last three years?
  2. What is working well and should be continued or expanded?
  3. What are the main barriers to achieving the goal of “healthy people in safe and productive workplaces”?
  4. What should the current and future priorities for workplace health and safety in New Zealand be?

Information was organised under four action areas – leadership, capability, knowledge and health and safety infrastructure.

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