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4 Feb 2010
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Kapitall Kids Theatre – Auditions   

April School Holidays show (6 to 18 April 11am and 1pm)

Robin Hood:  A kind of laid back guy 20-40
Sheriff of Nottingham:  Evil and nasty upper class guy 20- 50
Norm:  A soldier. A real Drongo with a knack for bad poetry 20+
Alana Dale:  A minstrel - very energetic - Must have strong singing voice. 18- 30

Maid Marion:  Robin's Right hand woman, strong, assertive 20-35

Auditions: Saturday 13 February 2.30pm to 5.30pm at Drama Christi Studio Taranaki Street.
Please call Rodney 934 4068 for an audition time.

It's holiday time in Nottingham and the sheriff has sent all his men off to the seaside. Not really! The fiendishly evil villain is simply setting a trap for Robin to fall into. Robin has sent off all his men on holiday too and only he and Maid Marian remain. They are joined by the wandering minstrel Alana Dale and together they decide to take the bait and try to outwit the sheriff and his none-too-bright sidekick Norman Duffer. It is a tale of courage, sorcery, and swords It's all go in Sherwood Forest as the men and women in Lincoln green rob the rich yet again.

Applicants should be able to sing well, and dance reasonably!
Rehearsals will ideally be Sunday through Thursday 12.30pm to 5pm.
Payment is co-op share basis.